Ride In Style Back To School, 2022-2023

Ride back to school in style on a bike with two or three wheels. Learn more about the features of a 3 wheel bike for adults for sale, the latest motorized e-bikes and vintage pedal-powered cruisers. One of the most fun school supplies you can buy for the 2022-2023 school year is a bike that makes spending time outside and getting exercise a part of your daily routine from the first day of school to the last.

3 Wheeled Trikes

While child-sized trikes aren’t known for being stylish, their adult-sized counterparts are much more appealing. Teachers and secondary school students can make a statement by riding a three-wheeled trike to school. Some of the most stylish tricycle models feature beach cruiser-inspired ergonomic step-through frames and come in trendy colorways such as cream, matte black or teal.

Adult tricycles have the advantage of stability over electric or manual bikes that have two wheels. The added balance of this frame design can be helpful for preventing tip-overs, though riders should always wear a mens, womens or unisex bike helmet. These frames are also designed with a cargo basket between the two back wheels that is large enough to carry a backpack, school bag or even essential groceries.

Sweet Motorized Bikes

A men’s or women’s motorized bicycle is one of the most on-trend ways to ride to school. Some of the most appealing electric bikes or e-bikes are available with a choice of 250 watt hour or 500W batteries. No matter which model you choose, you can ride to and from school much more quickly and even expend less energy and get less sweaty on your morning ride.

An e-bike with a 250W battery can reach top speeds of 15 miles per hour full electric or 24 mph on pedal assist mode, with a 500W e-bike maxes out at 20 mph full electric or 28 mph with pedal assist. A fully charged 250W battery has a 15 mile range on full electric power or a 30 mile range on pedal assist, while a 500W battery has up to a 40 mile range on pedal assist and a 20 mile full electric range.

Classic Vintage Cruisers

It’s hard to beat the stylish design of a classic beach cruiser. These bikes are available in manually powered models with single, three, seven or 21 speeds. You can also get a motorized beach cruiser with a 250W or 500W battery and an electric motor capable of full electric or pedal assist modes that make it possible to ride further, faster.

Consider riding an adult tricycle, e-bike or manual bike to school this year. No matter which type of bike you choose, remember to be smart and always wear a helmet while riding. Whether you prefer the stability and cargo-carrying capacity of a three-wheeled trike, the options for full throttle power and pedal assistance offered by a motorized bike or the old-school appeal of a beach cruiser bike, you can find the ultimate ride to school this year.


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