Salesforce Campaign Management Best Practices for Optimum Results

Running successful Salesforce campaign management is the primary objective of any Salesforce administration. Many specialized tools will help in managing the programs and to keep the customer acquisition to the optimum. It is also important to maximize the high-quality leads and expedite the conversion process. Fortunately, Salesforce can ensure all these and a lot more to help optimize the campaign management on this unique platform.

Salesforce campaigns will allow the users to track the prospects from the moment they enter into the system and their journey towards the end of the opportunity phase. All these leads can be tracked while keeping an eye on their progress and measuring their actual value against the stated objectives of each campaign. It may not be very powerful at first, but it is an underrated tool used to connect the marketing strategies with the prospective leads for many out there.

However, if you start to use it well, Salesforce tools can bring in many wonderful changes in your lead management strategies. As a result, many Salesforce experts are leveraging it to and gaining optimum ROI. This article will discuss some tips that will help you execute a Salesforce campaign more effectively and in a result-oriented manner.

Campaign management tips

Attribution and reporting of the lead sources

Many organizations mistake the Salesforce platform in repackaging the Salesforce campaignsbased on the parameters of the source of the leads. While it may seem more likely to be a simple solution for assigning a lead into the lead source, it may also a bad practice to follow as per the experts. Picklist fieldscan be utilized only for the top values as the trade shows, customer referral, etc.

The reason for following such a unique practice is very obvious. The fields in lead sources may be highly difficult to update and organize regularly. It is more so when there are a lot of values coming into action simultaneously. As a result, reporting a lead source is a very basic practice to follow, but it can also attribute different lead sources to a single lead.

If some different newsletters or events are a part of a marketing campaign, things are more complicated. But Salesforce campaign management overall is a flexible approach that allows an approach of multi-touch attribution. You will know more about it In the lead management successful practices, which we have discussed in another article in detail.

Functionality – Campaign member

Another key to success while connecting leads or contacting once specific campaigns in the marketing earlier in the members function for campaigns. This will let the users attribute different leads to connect to any of the given campaigns. We can also take it forward by adding more members to the campaigns through the search and import new file method and noting down the campaign responses. Influence functionality also is another good process automation tool that will let the userseffectively analyze and accurately measure the extent of influence to exploit the advantages of the given associations.

Reporting the benefits

Another greatest advantage of using the Salesforce campaign may be its advanced capability of reporting. An automated collection of campaigns’ influence data is crucial to understand different opportunities associated with each campaign. One may also avail information on the actual number of opportunities created and values of each open opportunity alongside the closed opportunities and the corresponding values. In this manner, a marketing team can effectively identify which campaigns have an optimum impact and the exact output of the same. You can further use this to ensure that all decisions are made based on this data. For reporting, you can use the assistance of providers like Flosum.

Email tools

When the campaign management becomes effective, you can also raise the automation to the next level by pairing it with suitable marketing operations. While you try to club the email marketing campaigns with Salesforce campaigns, you can easily develop the data strategy into different segments and initiate email campaigns from the Salesforce dashboard itself. You can also know about the Sales outreach.

You can seamlessly do all these operations as you develop the lead list and contact lists, which you can transfer automatically to campaign members. In addition, you can send emails to all of them, and the status of the mail sent can be automatically updated through tools like Mailchimp, Chrome, etc. There are also customized Salesforce connectors to make things easier for the users.

What is the influence of Salesforce campaign?

Salesforce campaign influence will enable you associate the given opportunity to different campaigns. All these campaigns are a many-to-many mapping between the campaign objects, Salesforce lead opportunities, or the contacts which are members of the given campaign. Campaign tracking is also available in various editions of Salesforce as Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Developer, Unlimited, etc.

Salesforce campaign influence can effectively track various marketing and sales initiatives from the mid-to-bottom of the sales funnel. For example, you can use campaign tracking to see how the direct mail, print, pay per click, trade show content marketing, or cold calling campaigns perform in terms of the leads, opportunities, and overall revenue.

Campaign tracking is a very powerful mode of measuring the effectiveness of inbound marketing campaigns on Salesforce. For example, the Salesforce campaign influence can be easily created for a given contact asset like a gated E-book. Whenever a lead fills out the form to download and read the given E-book, a trigger will be activated on the marketing automation platform to add the lead as a member of the campaign associated with the E-book. As the lead progresses through the final stage over time, you can then look back and compute the ROI of the E-book as how many leads, pipeline, sales, and how much overall revenue was influenced by the same.

Along with this, you will also be able to find many other campaign strategies which can make your Salesforce campaign management much easier for fulfilling by ensuring optimum ROI. Here selecting the correct strategy is vital if you want to be successfully implement it in your business. .


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