Sattu Flour: The New Superfood

Sattu flour or Sattu ka atta is quite popular in the Indian subcontinent, especially Nepal, India, and Pakistan. Made from different grains and pulses, sattu is a rich source of protein and is often referred to as poor man’s protein.

The primary ingredient is roasted Bengal gram flour. Sattu is a rich source of protein, dietary fibre, and many other nutrients. Sattu ka Atta is no stranger to natives of states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh in India. It is a staple ingredient in many Indian dishes and drinks.

With the marketing and advances of flavours, Sattu is now available in different forms, including wheat, barley, or sorghum (jowar). All these variations have a certain percentage of the roasted and finely ground form of roasted chickpeas or chana dal in it. Thus offering a range of flavours.

Health Benefits Of Sattu

1. Improves bowel movement

Consuming sattu on an empty stomach improves the gastrointestinal system. It has salt, iron, and fiber, reducing the stomach problem and improving bowel movement.

2. Flushes out toxins

Sattu has cleansing properties. Regular consumption detoxifies your digestive system, keeps you healthy, and protects you from numerous health conditions.

3. Stimulates hunger

Drinking sattu drink on an empty stomach or before meals enhances hunger. This occurs due to the abundance of mineral contents such as potassium and magnesium.

4. Aids in the reduction of weight

Sattu decreases bloating, improves the body’s metabolism rate, and your body burn calories efficiently. Thus it is an excellent addition if you are on a weight-loss journey.

5. Increases energy

When taken on an empty stomach, sattu encourages the development of the red blood cells in the body. When your body has more red blood cells, your body gets more oxygen, which produces ATP, and thus you will feel less tired and lethargic with more energy throughout the day.

6. Acts as a coolant

Sattu helps you combat the summer heat by keeping your body hydrated. A chilled glass of sattu buttermilk keeps you fresh and hydrated through a long summer day. It helps to cool the gut and prevents indigestion.

7. Helpful for patients with diabetes and high bp

Sattu is a natural blood pressure regulator. Due to its low glycemic index, it is an excellent means to benefit people with diabetes. Have sattu every day to control your blood sugar level.

8. Good for hair and skin

Sattu drinks take charge of body hydration during these hot summers, and as a consequence, you shine with bright skin. Conventionally, sattu has been used as a supplement to deal with hair-related issues. Rich iron contents aid in reducing hair fall, improve the quality of hair by increasing the oxygen flow to the hair roots.

Ways To Consume Sattu

Sattu, a staple of Bihar, Jharkhand, and the middle Indian subregions, is now a worldwide superfood that people are devouring. It is used in paratha, litti chokha, Daal baati churma, and other dishes. Making a sharbat is one of the simplest applications of sattu (sweet or salty). According to specialists, this drink defends the body from sunstroke. Make sour and spicy drink is with sattu, a pinch of black salt, cumin powder, chaat masala, with buttermilk or water. To make the sweet and creamier version, grab a glass of milk and add two spoonfuls of sattu powder, one teaspoon sugar, or jaggery powder, and mix well. It’s a fabulous way to kick-start your day. Sattu is also used to make ‘litti.’ Aside from that, you may use it to create parathas, upma, and even oatmeal. It may also be put into milk as protein powder and eaten.

It is considered a nutritious meal since it is high in insoluble fiber and other vital elements. Workers and farmers choose sattu porridge as their mid-day meal since it keeps them full for longer, offers quick energy to work under direct sunshine, and helps avoid lethargy.


Although there are no adverse effects of eating sattu, it should not be ingested in large quantities as it might cause excessive gas production in the body.

Furthermore, since it is high in protein, individuals on protein-restricted diets, such as renal patients and people with gout, should be especially cautious about portion size not to exceed the total necessary protein consumption per day.

Stone: If you have a stone issue, avoid consuming it since the high mineral concentration may aggravate your condition. Sattu ka Atta might be detrimental to stone sufferers.

Leprosy: Gram promotes leprosy. Hence those with leprosy should avoid consuming gram sattu. There are, however, alternative ways to get your hands on this superfood.

Some pointers on safer consumption of Sattu Flour

Yes, we have discussed the goods and bad of Sattu Atta, but how much of it should you consume? Two spoonfuls, which estimate nearly 20 g of sattu flour, are usually plenty on an empty stomach. If you work out, you may increase to 2 to 4 tablespoons 20-40 g each day for greater nutrition.

The optimum time to drink sattu is during the day. Never take it at night to prevent indigestion since the digestive strength of the body falls after sunset, and cooling and heavy meals should be avoided at that time.

Sattu should be consumed on an empty stomach, preferably at least 2.5 hours after a meal. This promotes proper digestion.

Sattu ka atta should always be consumed in a very thin consistency to dig it properly. Otherwise, the heavier components may induce the reverse of its effects, resulting in bloating and indigestion.

Where can you find the best Sattu ka atta?

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