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It can be hard to keep teenagers in the house. That happy-go-lucky kid that used to be your best friend has suddenly turned into a moody and emotional mini-adult who thinks you’re the least cool person on the planet. Many parents know all too well the feeling of staying up at night waiting for their child to come home—glancing at the phone waiting for a text back. What if you could find a way to keep them in the house a little more often? A new living room setup may make your house the place to be for your teenager and their friends—and getting started can be as easy as getting a few sectional sofas. Buy them on 1StopBedrooms.

You probably feel the same way as your brooding teen. If you find yourself hiding in the bedroom as much as possible, it may be because your current living room furniture isn’t very…livable. Dingy upholstery and chipped wood all on furniture that wasn’t very high quality to start with is enough to harsh anyone’s mellow and make them retreat somewhere a little more comfortable.

A new sectional sofa can add some style and comfort to your space, while also improving the amount of seating you can accommodate for the size of the room. The living room should be a place for social gatherings. Not just for the family, but for your friends and for your kids’ friends. It should be a place where everyone who enters feels tranquil and relaxed. The Chinese tradition of feng shui says that a well-designed space can promote a better mood, as well as reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.

When you shop 1StopBedrooms, you’ll find some of the widest selections available on sofas, as well as commission-free designers to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. It’s important to get a piece that not only improves comfort and makes the best use of the size of the room by covering corners, but also one that elevates the aesthetic of the room. Between the help of the designers and the useful filtering and search tools, this process should be a breeze.

You may be thinking that raising a family is not cheap and questioning whether or not you can afford to do any redecorating—that’s probably because you’re used to seeing in-store prices. At 1Stop, you get a low-price guarantee that outmatches competitors on the same products without sacrificing an ounce of quality. That’s the benefit of shopping directly over big-box—quality without the cost.

These years aren’t going to tarry—pretty soon the kids will be grown up and out of the house and you’ll be doing your best to coax them to come by for a visit. It’s important to make as many memories as you can. The best way to do this to ensure the home is somewhere the kids love to be—shopping for a new sectional sofa is the first step in the right direction.

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