See Elevations RTC From The Eyes Of The Students There

Elevations RTC prides itself on finding new ways to help out struggling adolescents during their time on campus. Throughout their time as a residential treatment program, they’ve impacted hundreds of students as they build relationships with friends and family.

What are some of the top ways Elevations RTC has changed life for the better for teens? With their unique approach to family therapy and having a campus to work on issues personally, significant changes can put people on the right path for a lifetime of success.


Their unique approach to academics makes what seems like an impossible task possible for struggling teens. Students here realize the value of paying attention in the classroom and learning. They get the focus and care they need from teachers, and the lessons are on real-life issues that make sense when teens evolve into adults.

A common problem many students face before showing up to Elevations RTC is not getting the personal attention they need. It’s easy to get lost in the classroom when attending a traditional school. Not having that attention might not be too bad for some students, but teens dealing with issues need that extra help.

Elevations RTC purposely keeps classroom sizes small, which works out very well for most students. If they need extra help with assignments, they get that help. It also focuses on accountability, which many teenagers need to start meeting goals.


The Elevations RTC campus is swarmed with mentors ready to help out teenagers and all the issues they are going through. Some look up to their teachers as mentors, helping them make the most out of classroom work and finding a passion that can take them to college and beyond.

A recreation program away from the classroom allows students to learn non-traditional ways. Many might not look at fun activities inside and outside as ways to learn, but it helps students create friendships, improve teamwork, live healthier lives, and so much more. Students often say that the recreation activities are the most memorable part of their stay.


Many students come to Elevations RTC and quickly realize the difference a gender-inclusive therapeutic program makes. Accepting all genders allows students to interact with all types of people equally. Too many students have a hard time going back to the real world after going to a boys-only or girls-only treatment program.

Some find success in those other programs, but Elevations RTC sticks by what works for them. They’ve done a great job crafting their entire curriculum with this in mind.

Families have embraced the gender-inclusive approach, and it’s hard to argue with the results.

Welcoming Campus

A quality residential treatment center will only be as good as the campus provided. Everything about the campus was built specifically for programming. It’s meant to be nurturing, safe, and therapeutic all at once.

Located just outside Salt Lake City, it’s easy for families to get to from all parts of the world. Some families are relatively local, while others will travel from different parts of the United States to have their children on campus. Those who can visit before enrolling fall in love with the campus and realize that it’s a perfect place for reaching their family goals.

Past Student Success

Elevations RTC has done a great job connecting alumni with current students. It is an excellent way for students just starting to see firsthand what type of an impact can be made while on campus.

The treatment center has been around long enough that very successful graduates have turned their lives around, inspiring any student, especially those who might come in skeptical.

Seeing actual results makes a big difference in this field, which is another way for students to have mentors to stay in touch. Some graduates will come back to campus or do video calls with students multiple times throughout the year. A few years later, the hope is that those current students will do the same to help out the next.

Real-World Results

Campus life aims to mimic real-life in many ways, making a transition back home as easy as possible. There will be some pitfalls students need to stay away from when they go back home and come across old friends who might not have good interests in mind, but the treatment center helps create a different mindset.

When students feel more confident and happy about their changes, so do the families. It can significantly impact a family struggling to stay together due to past conflicts. The help students receive here greatly impacts a family’s mental health as well.

Learn More About Elevations RTC

Curious about the actual results Elevations RTC creates? Visit their website at elevationsrtc.com to learn more about what parents and students had to say about the program. New reviews from both sides are posted regularly for families to learn more.

COVID-19 restrictions made it very difficult for families to check out the campus before they ultimately settled on Elevations RTC. The good news is that there are virtual tours available and ways to talk to staff throughout the week.

Those who can make it out to the campus are encouraged to check it out and see what type of difference it can make. It helps family members know that they have a trusted place for their teenagers. The teenagers themselves show that they are going to a legitimate facility ready to assist.

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