Serverwala Review: Get Best Dedicated Server China With a Complete Isolated Environment

As the online business is increasing day-by-day, it requires better technology and resources. Especially, in a country like China where everyone is present online, it is important to look at the services which are served.

Nowadays, there is so much traffic on the websites, the owner needs an isolated environment to serve the customers. Here, Serverwala’s Best Dedicated Server China Plans comes to the rescue and unlimited resources. As the name suggests, a Dedicated Server China is completely dedicated to only one owner. It provides an isolated environment for hosting. So that it can cater to heavy amounts of traffic with ease.

Know About Dedicated Server China

A dedicated server is like owning a big bungalow so it’s your wish how to use it. You can do the décor, services, furniture of your choice. A dedicated server is opted whenever there are loads of traffic on the website or the website is an eCom platform, etc.

A dedicated server is designed for a single person or user. It means there will be only one client over one physical server. A dedicated server is a robust hosting option as no other client or party will be able to hamper the uptime of the server as there will be none. In China, majorly everyone has their business setup online. So, to stand out you’ve to work on the products as well as the technology you’ve opted to cater to the traffic. It should be flexible to cater the ever-growing footfall on websites.

When Does Your Website Need a Dedicated or a Bare Metal Server in China?

There are certain conditions when you know it’s time to change your old server with a dedicated server from Serverwala in China. If your website keeps crashing every now and then; it’s a straight up indication that you need to switch to a bare metal server. Regular crashing of websites can be very dangerous to your reputation as well as your pocket.

Imagine having a physical office and it’s situated in a cyclone prone area. Every now and then, a cyclone comes and hits the office causing the office to lose its connection from the ground. No person on this planet is interested in going to places which are disaster prone. Similarly, if your website is high on traffic, don’t wait for the glitches to destroy your reputation. Get yourself equipped with the best possible technology under your budget and requirements. Traffic hampers the performance of a server if the server is shared. But considering a dedicated server, it doesn’t get affected by the number of customers or the software which are being used by the client.

Why Use a Dedicated Server China?

A dedicated server can solve all of the problems that you are facing with your current server in one go. But considering that, a dedicated server comes with a heavy sticker price. A little research will help you to choose what is best for you. The below points will clear your doubts if you need to use a dedicated server or not:

#1.Hosting websites-

If you are planning to host websites or apps on your platform, then a dedicated server might be a correct option for you. If you think other small servers will not be able to cater your needs then go for a dedicated server from Serverwala.

#2.100% benefit- If you don’t want to share resources with any other client, then go for a dedicated server.


If you want to run software of your choice and you don’t want any glitch coming your way then surely go for Serverwala bare metal server.

#4.For security and reliability-

These two points are most important, if you feel that you need utmost security and you don’t want to be on the same server where there are other clients too, a dedicated server from Serverwala is surely for you.

Serverwala: A Brief About their Dedicated Hosting Servers China

Serverwala is one of the best hosting providers in China. It has a bunch of skilled IT technicians to help you out in every situation. Serverwala has served 1000s of customers globally with its robust services and specifications. Serverwala in China provides you 24×7 customer support. If any glitch comes your way, it first goes through the technician.

Serverwala Dedicated Server China Plans

There are several plans to cater the needs of every individual. There are various plans, providing different specifications and perks to suit your needs. All the variants are available in a package of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and a yearly plan. With 99.99% uptime, Serverwala is the best choice out there.

Most Unique Features of Serverwala Dedicated Server China

Serverwala comes with amazing features that can make your tech gut drooling. You will surely be attracted once you read about them. Below are some treats for you:

#1.RAID- The dedicated server from Serverwala in China, supports different RAID variants out there like RAID 4, RAID10, etc. You can have the benefit of it if you want.

#2.Bandwidth- You will get the fastest connection speeds if you opt for a bare metal server from Serverwala.

#3.Robust performance- Bare metal server from Serverwala allows you to have the benefit of a robust hosting environment because Serverwala is tied up with leading companies that provide additional services which are required to run a hosting company.

#4.Agreement- Serverwala in China guarantees 100% of uptime. It also claims a jump in traffic if you opt for it. So, having said these things orally is something else, but when something is an agreement, it changes the whole game.

#5. Security- You get ultimate security if you opt for a bare metal server from Serverwala in China. A dedicated server has only one client on the server. It is not like a shared server where there are 100s of customers other than you on the same server. On shared servers other clients hamper your performance and security but it is not the case with a dedicated server from Serverwala in China. You get an isolated hosting environment for hosting your business, so no other party can define your performance rate and hamper your security.

#6. Round the clock support- Serverwala’s dedicated server provides you utmost support while working. You may be surprised, but there are highly skilled technicians sitting behind the screen, 24×7 to check that everything is working mighty fine. A good customer support is a must when you are investing so much money into something. A reliable team from a hosting provider can make a big difference in your hosting environment.

The Word to Conclude

I hope the fog from your mind is cleared by now. If you are going to invest in a dedicated server and you’ve made your decision, then start your work. Apart from my advice of getting a dedicated server from Serverwala, you can do the market research as well. Trust me, the results will be the same. Make comparison pointers of services, budget, reliability and compare all the shortlisted providers. There is a 100% chance of you opting Serverwala’s dedicated server in China. It is that good, that’s why I’m so sure about it.