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Dear holidaymaker, are you planning to spend your vacation in Seychelles? Get ready to enjoy the paradise of palm-fringed beaches, glimmering blue waters, and pristine sands – All these can be yours at Seychelles! This destination is always on the bucket list of honeymooners, as it is the best place to have fun with your loved one and enjoy the beautiful sight of the turquoise sea meets the sky.

Rated as the ideal getaway for couples and families, Seychelles welcomes visitors of all ages to have a long relaxing holiday at Story Seychelles Resorts.

Before you plan to spend your holiday in Seychelles, a few things need to be considered and they are described as follows:-

Visa and Entry Permit

If you’re a national of the UK, US, Australia, Japan, Europe, or Canada, then there is no need to take a visa to enter Seychelles, until and unless you have a valid air ticket, a valid passport copy, and proof of sufficient funds. During your entry, you may need to provide proof of accommodation on where you have planned to stay either in Mahe Seychelles Resorts or Hotels Beau Vallon.

For the nationals of the above-mentioned countries, an entry permit of 1-month validity is required and it will be issued upon arrival. This permit can be renewed, 1 week before its expiry. Nationals of all other countries (except the ones mentioned above) need to contact the embassy to check for visa requirements.

Currency and Cards

The currency used in Seychelles is called Rupee (SCR), but you can use US Dollars and Euros. Seychelles is open to accepting common foreign currency, therefore, all the costs that incur for staying in Story Seychelles Villa, car rental costs, entrance fees for sight-seeing places, and all these expenses can be paid in US Dollars or Euros. You can also make payments via debit cards and credit cards (Master and Visa).

If required, you can also exchange your currency for Seychelles rupees. Because local markets and shops will accept only Seychelles Currency. Make sure to use Exchange facilities available at the airport banks to exchange your currencies and make sure to keep the original currency receipts, so you can re-exchange currency while departing.

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Health Information

Seychelles is blessed with a tropical climate which makes it more vulnerable to outbreaks of dengue fever and other mosquito-borne illnesses. So, you need to carry mosquito repellent cream and make sure to wear long-sleeved clothes to keep you safe from diseases.

The Sunrays are more powerful, as Seychelles is close to the equator. In your packing checklist include sunscreen lotion and a hat to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the Sun. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking more water. Since the tap water is chlorinated, it may cause mild stomach upset, so, it’s advisable to drink only packaged water.

In case of medical emergencies, you will find large hospitals in Victoria and clinics everywhere in La Digue, Mahe, and Praslin, but compared to other destinations, medical facilities are limited. So, it’s advisable to carry first aid kits along with you.

Local Customs and Traditions

Shaking hands is the traditional form of greeting for both men and women. The people in Seychelles are very good at hospitality and they enjoy inviting guests to their homes.

If some Seychellois invite you to their home, then go with a simple gift, as it’s their culture. When it comes to clothing, formal clothes are essential and other swimwear clothes should be worn only on the beaches and Seychelles private pool hotels.

A tradition of Tipping and Taxes

Tips can be given in restaurants, hotels, as well for taxi drivers and porters if you are extremely happy with their service. If you’re a shopaholic, you can enjoy tax-free shopping by shopping at the International Airport in Victoria.


These are the few things you need to know before planning your trip to Seychelles. Pack your bags and get ready to enjoy the heavenly beauty of glimmering tiny islands!

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