Should You Invite Kids to Your Wedding?

Figuring out who you want to invite to your wedding is already a difficult process that can sometimes produce awkward situations. Still, there’s a way bigger dilemma when inviting guests, and that is whether or not you want kids at your wedding.

Some people will advise you not to have kids at your wedding so that you can have some adult-only fun with all your guests and so you don’t have to worry about the little ones running around all night and making too much mess. Others will tell you that a wedding is a celebration for family and that this includes kids who will give your wedding a different atmosphere and add so much to your celebration.

While both sides of these conversations are right to a certain extent, your decision must not be based on what other people might tell you is the best choice, but what kind of wedding experience you prefer, what your guests are like, and what your limits are when it comes to kids at your wedding.

What kind of guests do you have

Having a no-kids policy at your wedding is pretty easy to do when your guests are mostly in their twenties or thirties and haven’t had any kids yet. Still, sometimes your social circle has already started having children of their own, and many might not be able to leave their kids with someone else to attend your wedding.

Look at your wedding guest list and figure out if you can add a no kids request to your invitations. You can even reach out with anticipation to those who have kids and let them know the wedding date so they can figure out their schedules and find a babysitter for your big celebration.

Little family members are always something to consider; for example, if you have nieces and nephews, you probably want them to be a part of your celebration and even part of your ceremony as flower kids. Keep in mind that if you invite your whole family, the children will not have a relative to spend the night with, so you might have to include them.

If you see it will be a hassle for your guests to find someone to take care of their kids, and they are most likely not to attend due to that, it is time to consider including kids in your celebration.

Do I want a wedding with or without kids?

It’s important to consider the circumstances of your guests, but you must prioritize what you want for your wedding. This will make you have more fun and enjoy your special day the way you want to.

If the kind of experience you want at your wedding is more about drinking, dancing and having fun with your friends, you might want to exclude kids, so your guests can have fun freely without worrying about looking after their children or someone else’s. This also goes for brides who are considering having expensive decorations at their wedding, since having little kids would be risky for them and this kind of decoration.

If you’re a family-oriented person and you want to spend your wedding more calmly, then having kids at your wedding could be for you. This can help push a more family-friendly environment without too much crazy partying.

You also must keep in mind that there are more options than just inviting all your guests’ kids or having no kids at all. These are usually the most common options when discussing whether you want kids at your wedding, but you can always make small exceptions for kids.

Maybe you have a close friend, family member, or relative who has a kid, and you don’t mind them bringing them over, and it’s totally okay. Although making exceptions might raise some eyebrows within the rest of your guests, it’s your wedding at the end of the day, and they must understand you are in charge.

How to have a wedding with kids

Involving kids in your wedding can be a lot of fun, but there are some things you should keep in mind that might come in handy. First, the invitations; when inviting a guest, you can add “and family” next to their name, implying that kids are welcome to the wedding.

You can also have close friends’ kids involved at the ceremony, as flower girls or some other sort of fun activity for them to keep them busy. You should try to seat kids with their parents, if possible, since having a table just for kids can quickly turn into a mess.

Keeping the kids busy away from things like gold uplighting will allow their parents to enjoy and give you peace of mind knowing they are having fun too. Some options are crafty activities, bubbles, coloring books, and of course, some yummy snacks. A photo booth can also be entertaining for them since they often come with props, wigs, and all sorts of funny accessories.

How to have a wedding with no kids

In this case, invitations are extremely important since you don’t want the information to be misunderstood and have some guests show up with their kids. You should find a way to be direct about the fact that it is a wedding with no kids, and you can include this information on your invitations or whatever online platform you’re using to update your guests on your wedding.

Being clear about your no-kids wedding will help you avoid awkward conversations, but we must tell you it is not guaranteed. You will probably have a couple of guests reaching out trying to convince you to allow their kids to attend your wedding, and you must prepare yourself to be firm about your decision. Phrases like I would love to have your little one at our wedding, but we care about its safety, and since the venue is not appropriate for kids, we must say no.

Should I have kids at my wedding?

To be honest with you, there is no right answer, because every wedding, family, and couple are unique. For some families, it is obvious they want to have kids at their celebration and even plan the whole event, ensuring they can be a part of it. And for others, it is simply not a possibility. Either way, it is your wedding and whatever you prefer will be right, because it is your big day. For more helpful information visit our blog and plan your DIY event under budget.