Should You Outsource BPO Services to the Philippines?

A surge in offshore outsourcing to the Philippines is something that must have caught your eye in recent years. The Philippines has a mixed population with workers from different ethnicities. BPO Philippines firms employ two million and more, and have made the biggest contribution to the nation’s economy. This is why this small island country has emerged as a tough competitor to already-established BPO players like India. 

Why do businesses prefer to outsource call center customer service to The Philippines?

  • Costs: One of the biggest reasons to outsource customer service call center operations to BPOs in the Philippines is for their low costs. Not only are labor costs cheaper here, as compared to the US/UK, but costs of real estate, legal and HR costs, and even taxes, are far lower. So, business owners can save almost 60% in costs when they choose Philippines outsourcing providers. 
  • Language advantage: You will notice that this country enjoys a strong edge over other BPO hubs because of its English proficiency. English has always been an official language here that is used by locals for conversations. BPO workers in the Philippines are fluent in speaking English and have accents similar to US workers. This makes it convenient for businesses to outsource their virtual staffing and call center services to BPO providers here.
  • Access to Talent: There is no dearth of skilled and talented employees in the Philippines. Much of this is because their education system closely follows the American system. According to a report by the ASEAN, almost 450,000 Filipinos become graduates every year. This talent pool can be suitably trained to deliver excellent BPO solutions.
  • Work ethics: People in the Philippines are known to be extremely sincere, hard-working and hospitable. They are quick to adapt to changes, friendly, accommodating, and tech-savvy; all of these make them ideally suited for customer care jobs. Besides, they are resilient and can adjust to fast shift changes, something which is a necessity in BPO services. They can comfortably work during odd hours and cater to clients belonging to different time zones. If you can build an offshore team here it is possible to scale up your business much faster and more efficiently.
  • Young population: Much of the population in this country is relatively young. This section of the people is typically tech-savvy and quick to embrace new technology. They understand how new tech solutions can be leveraged for boosting business productivity. Besides, most attend top-tier schools that train them well for getting hired by BPO providers later on in their lives.
  • Data privacy: This is one of the biggest concerns for any BPO firm. But the government in the Philippines has been proactive in passing favorable laws that can help businesses thrive and grow seamlessly. As outsourcing involves sharing confidential data, the Filipino government passed data privacy acts to ensure that their privacy standards conformed to international norms. 
  • Government support: Since the BPO industry has been one of the pillars of the nation’s economy, the government has taken measures to support it. It has facilitated its growth by undertaking both policy and infrastructural development. It has even partnered with universities to launch BPO-specific curriculum and has set up the TESDA for funding call center training.

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