Signs That it May be Time to Talk About Assisted Living for Your Elderly Relative






Most people like the idea of remaining as independent as possible in old age, but that is not always the healthiest or most rewarding situation. It has been proven time and again that being social and spending time doing leisure activities with other seniors not only improves the quality of life of elderly people but can also help with memory and general well-being.

If you are starting to become concerned that an elderly family member is not capable of living without supervision any longer, then a move to assisted living can actually be a positive opportunity. Of course, it is not a decision to be taken lightly, so here are some signs that it may be something you should be thinking about discussing with them:

Difficulty with Domestic Tasks and Hygiene

One major sign that someone might benefit from being in an assisted living environment rather than living alone is if they are having difficulty keeping their home clean, cooking for themselves, shopping, or with personal hygiene. Naturally, there is a spectrum for this, and for someone who was never especially tidy it may not be a warning sign if they leave a few books lying around or plates in the sink, but when someone is clearly struggling with the things they used to do easily, it is usually a sign that they need some assistance. In senior living environments like this assisted living near Nashville TN community, seniors can carry on with their lives while these things are taken care of by staff.

Memory Issues

Another thing that can come along with aging in many people is dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease. If your elderly loved one is showing signs of confusion, mood changes, forgetfulness, or delusions, even if it is only from time to time, then it may be best to entrust them to a community that has people on hand who understand these conditions. A lot of assisted living communities have dedicated memory care, which means activities that help keep the mind active and the person sociable, as well as whatever medical assistance may help in their unique situation.

Physical Frailty

Frailty is something that tends to come along with old age and can be represented by mobility issues, chronic pain, or difficulty healing after minor injuries. If someone is prone to falls, has trouble moving around freely, or needs a lot of help with things like short walks or stairs, then it is probable that they would have a more comfortable time in an environment designed around people with those kinds of issues. It can be dangerous to remain in your old home if you have issues with frailty, especially if you live alone.

These are just a few of the signs that someone you love may need to consider a place in an assisted living community. The good news is that these facilities can be very comfortable and welcoming, so if it is a difficult conversation you may need to have with someone, why not look up some of the beautiful and engaging places available near you?

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