Signs You Need to Replace Your Fridge

A fridge is one of the most essential home appliances at home; it keeps the food cold for you to eat over days. Refrigerators usually have a long lifespan of over 10 years, but after a long time of operating, it might start to show a few signs that indicate that it’s time for a new one. So how can you decide if it’s time to replace your fridge?

The Sound of the Motor

Your fridge is constantly warm from the back with the motor running loud. It might be driving you crazy because you’ve fixed it once, twice, or maybe thirty times, but it’s still too loud. That means your motor is slowly dying, and it’s time for a new refrigerator.

It might be running hot, which is reflected on the coils seen on the back of your fridge. The coils on the back can be hot sometimes, but they shouldn’t burn your hand. If they do, then it’s time to invest in a new refrigerator.

Excessive Condensation

You set the temperature to make sure the fridge is cool, but when you open the door, you notice some water droplets on the rubber sealing or condensation on the inside. It might be a small problem you can fix alone. If you can’t, then contact an expert to come check it out.

This is important to avoid food spoilage and for any important medications placed in the fridge that require to be stored at cold temperature.

There’s Frost Building in the Freezer

Another indicator that you need to replace your refrigerator is the frost seen in the freezer. The freezer usually develops a bit of frost that can be melted by unplugging it, but if it’s snowing inside your freezer, the model is outdated, and it’s time for a new one.

Modern refrigerators have their own automatic defrosting feature, but if your refrigerator’s old, then keep an eye on it.

It’s Old

How long have you had the refrigerator? A refrigerator typically has a lifespan of 10 to 20 years. The older it gets, the more it costs to repair it and the less efficient it is. If you’re constantly waiting for a technician to come fix it, it’s time for a change. A new one won’t only save you the technician’s bill, but it will save you from a high electricity bill if you buy an energy-saving fridge.

Food Spoils Faster than Usual

Does your food spoil faster than usual? Then save yourself the trouble and go to a home appliances store because it’s time for a new fridge. Your refrigerator is no longer doing its job of keeping the food cold. You might be resisting the costs of buying a new one, but you’re spending more on grocery shopping and your electric bill this way.

After a few years of providing its services, if your fridge is old, it’s time to let go and welcome a new one. Say goodbye and go fridge shopping, keeping in mind the space and the interior design of your kitchen. Don’t know which one to choose? Toshiba has a wide range of options available.


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