Signs Your Current Commission Management Solution is not Working for you

Technology has become the core of running any business. These days every organization is based on technology no matter their sector, segment, industry, or location. Smaller businesses might be dependent on a few systems or platforms, in the case of larger businesses this number rises rapidly. Though, the goal of these automated tools is to reduce stress and increase productivity also works in favor of shaping a great future for the organization. The sole purpose is to organize, automate, accelerate, integrate, and more. What will happen if your current sales commission software becomes your biggest productivity stress and makes your life harder?

Your sales team spends unproductive  calculating commissions than they spend on selling.

Do you know, your sales can increase exponentially; if all your sales representatives are dedicatedly working on actually selling. In actuality, if your sales representatives are devoting most of their time to administrative tasks or in calculating commission. Here is something you need to change. Working on an unproductive commission system will waste rep time, and inefficient commission processes are a time-suck.

The finance team keeps jabbing with rectifying commission errors.

On the other side of the room, there is a finance team. The commission management system must have the accuracy to do the job on a daily basis. A finance team’s sole job is to keep ledgers up-to-the-date, not struggling with rectifying commission errors.

The right commission management solution avoids such errors to occur from the beginning. Also, if any case such error happens. By chance, if something untraceable happens your finance team can easily identify how, why, and where the error occurred in a few clicks. Such practice can fix it and assure that it will not happen again next month.

Your sales leaders ask an excessive number of questions each day.

Questions are meant to solve, but if these questions become a daily activity, then this is not normal. If your sales leader comes with the same question, it might be hurting your organization.

Stop your current sales compensation software to fail you, also stop delaying work. Some questions may include:

  • How much more is left for me to attain my sales target?
  • How will I get my statement?
  • Why is my paycheck less than expected?

Questions like these create a transparency problem coz your team is not acquiring the information they need or your system is not communicable or understandable. In such a case your team needs to step in and find that glitch to solve it, where your so-called software is failing.

A true and well-working commission software does not let humans waste their time, instead of doing its work properly.

Crux: Commission Management Solutions

Now we have shown you what a bad solution looks like, it is time to take a look at what great automation can do for you.

ElevateHQ is a leading sales commission software that permits commission traceability and automates all your commission calculations to boosts up growth.

is pay time correct? you can use spend time instead


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