Simple flower care tips for you

You can easily influence a bouquet yourself with simple care tips. Which we are happy to share with you. You will receive 5 care tips, so that you can enjoy the bouquet to the fullest!

Which vase should you use?

Tall bouquets look nice during a tall slim jar. ideally use a glass jar, thus you’ll keep a detailed eye on the water level. Wash the jar with cleaner water before use, as a result of microorganism from recent flowers will stay within the jar and have an effect on the new bunch.

It is best to position the flowers during a jar with lukewarm water. If the water is just too hot, the stems are going to be broken and also the flowers can not kick off.

Giving the flowers water that they need

When you come home with fresh flowers or the bouquet has just been delivered, it is important that the flowers are placed in a vase as soon as possible. It is unique way to do this with tap water and the right amount of flower food. There is always a bag of cut flower food with the Fleurop bouquets. Add this  always and check the packaging for the correct ratio. A flower bouquet or flowers birthday need to be watered every day so that they are in the best condition.

Remove Excess Leaves

Leaves grow on most flowers, you take away these from the stems so if you place them within the water, they are doing not inherit the water. ideally even up to the sting of the jar. If leaves bit the water, there’s a bigger likelihood that can|they’re going to|they’ll} die and therefore the water will become cloudy because of the pollution and deposits ar fashioned that can they’re going to pass and therefore the  water will become cloudy thanks to the pollution and deposits ar shaped that may also block the flowers. bacterium multiply terribly simply on leaves, inflicting stems to rot and flowers to possess a shorter life. additionally, it conjointly appearance a great deal a lot of fashionable and ‘airy’ once the jar isn’t fully overgrown

Cutting flowers diagonally

Florists always advise cutting the flowers (obliquely) before placing them in the vase and that is certainly not without reason. During transport, the stems dry out a bit and by cutting them off again, they can make optimal use of the water again. By cutting them diagonally, you also increase the surface with which water can be absorbed. Have a sharp knife or use scissors that are intended for it. In addition to cutting the stems, you should also remove any leaves on the underside of the stems that would otherwise be submerged in the vase. Otherwise, this leaf will pollute the water, which will do the flowers a lot of harm.

Location of the flowers

In terms of temperature, it is therefore not wise to place the flowers too close to a burning heater or fireplace. Even in the sun or in a draft, the flowers will hang their heads much faster than intended. So pay attention to this when determining a suitable place and choose a place without major temperature changes and where it is not continuously very hot.

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