Simple Link Building Strategies For Success in 2023 and Beyond






Recent SEO statistics show that most internet pages do not have any backlinks. There is an apparent need for more SEO campaigns to build more website links. Link building serves two purposes. Rank important pages targeted for industry keywords on the site to improve its search performance. Secondly, backlinks can contribute to the authority of your brand. 

Search engines can perceive your site as authoritative if it links to topically relevant and authoritative websites. It’s evident that link building has many benefits, but how do you establish the correct links today and in the future? In this guide, you’ll learn simple ways to increase your website’s ranking in the future using link-building strategies in 2023 and beyond. 

Request For Backlinks

It is an excellent place to start if you are a beginner in this field. Think about the friends, relatives, colleagues, business partners, and clients you know who have blogs or websites. Requesting a backlink is all you need to do. Consider in-content links rather than links in the sidebar or footer.

However, you should ensure that the backlink comes from a niche-relevant website. As a result, it will not have much impact and may even have a negative effect. You can also request backlinks from the Getmentioned link building agency. Furthermore, they will provide a complete link building service for your business.  

Write a Testimonial

Building testimonial links is a win-win situation. It is common for businesses to ask their customers to share their experiences using their products. It’s a great way to build customer loyalty. 

Getting a backlink from that site and potential traffic is a great opportunity, with a much higher approval rate than standard link requests. Your site receives another backlink while the company gets a new testimonial.

Developing Relationships

Relationships are the key to good link building. You can make new contacts in a variety of ways. The best place to start is in niche-related communities: forums, blogs, or social networks. Start contributing with relevant and engaging comments, providing context to each discussion.

Your participation in these niche-specific online communities will not only improve your backlinks, but you’ll also stay up-to-date on industry news and connect with some interesting people.

Broken Link Building 

Additionally, you can build links to your resource pages using broken links. You’ll sometimes find links that don’t work, meaning it’s a broken page (404). It is a golden opportunity to seize. 

First, you’ll add a note on the links page about broken links. Several tools can help you quickly check resource pages for dead links. You should notify the curator of the broken links when you contact them. 

As a replacement for broken links, offer them your resource guide as a suitable alternative. A broken link building strategy can increase response and link placement rates because you’re also helping web admins resolve technical errors. 

Publish a Well-Written Guest Post

You can publish your article on many blogs and websites. Be sure to follow these steps before you write a piece:

  • Your topic is relevant to the website or blog
  • Neither you nor your company is the focus of this article
  • There is a focus on quality — it should be well-written, credible, and informative content
  • Remember that a poor piece can damage your reputation

You must build links that help your website, not those that can negatively impact your website’s ranking in search results.

Create a Blog

Creating a blog with just one post and one backlink is not a good idea. It would be a waste of time, and you would probably make another risky link. Maintaining your blog is essential if you want it to survive. Maintain a regular posting schedule. 

Make sure you pay attention to your industry and your client’s needs! As time goes on, it is likely to gain authority. The content you create should be relevant, helpful, and well-structured. You can only guarantee success by linking to it repeatedly. Getting great backlinks is all about earning them!


Today, you can build backlinks on your website in various ways. Also, you can build scalable links to stand the test of time and rank your website on the right trail with a link building agency. 

This guide offers actionable link building strategies for getting new backlinks to your most important pages. Your SEO campaign will progress if you apply these strategies step-by-step.

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