Simple Yet Effective Tips On How To Succeed As A Recruiter

Recruitment is a career that requires a human touch. Matching candidates with the right career for them is quite a talent. Here are some tips from Swisslinx on how to be a successful recruiter.

1. Ensure That You Communicate with People You Are Dealing With

The best recruiters in the market tend to offer feedback to the people who they are dealing with. Even if you have good news or bad news for the person you are looking to recruit, it is good that you provide regular updates. To succeed in this line of work, you should not be the type of recruiter who evades clients or candidates. Consider this… If you ever went for an interview and did not receive any feedback, you would not feel so good, would you?

2. Ensure That You Maximize Your Productivity Each Day

Acting as a recruiter is akin to juggling. Each single day, you will have to deal with many different things such as calling candidates, handling interviews, attending meetings with clients and also handling business development meetings among others. Ensure that you plan your day in such a way that you always achieve the targets you have set as well as your deadlines. Even if you suddenly have to handle an unexpected task (as often happens in this line of work), you should have a plan on how you will achieve all that you had planned for the day.

3. Build Extensive Networks

To succeed in this line of work, you should ensure that you build and maintain a strong network with existing clients and the candidates that you come across. Keeping strong relationships with clients and candidates that you have dealt with in the past will help them remember the services that you rendered in case they ever need or hear about someone who needs the services of a recruiter. You can also build strong networks by attending industry events as well as investing in strong networks on different social platforms.

4. Build A Strong Brand

Building a strong employer brand is important. When offering recruitment services, ensure that you offer maximum value to clients and candidates alike. If the clients and candidates that you deal with are happy with the exceptional services that you offer, they are more likely to offer word of mouth recommendations and referrals to other persons who may need the services of a recruiter. 

5. Practice Being an Active Listener

Remember that every client or candidates has different wants and preferences. To ensure that you deliver as per the expectations of the client or candidate that you are dealing with, you should ensure that you pay close attention to what they are saying. Even if you may have placed a candidate who was seeking a similar role with a candidate that you are currently dealing with, remember that your current client/candidate may want something totally different from you. Remember that the best way to perfectly match candidates to the perfect job is to listen to their wants, needs and goals.

6. Approach Your Job with Determination

You will only succeed in this line of work if you have the drive and determination to become successful. Always be ready to be a proactive recruiter. This may include cold calling potential candidates and even carrying out some headhunting.

7. Make Each Experience A Learning Moment

The recruitment industry is always evolving and changing. New trends, tool and techniques for recruiters are constantly cropping up with each passing day. For example, just a few years ago, LinkedIn and social media platforms were not being used in the recruitment process but today, they are playing a major role in the recruitment process. Ensure that you are up to date with emerging trends in the recruitment industry to stay above the competition and remain successful.

8. Ensure That You Ask the Right Questions

When recruiting, do not be shy about asking the client or prospective candidates questions. It is only through asking questions that you will be able to find the best matches for any opening.

9. Be Patient

As a recruiter, you will not always get the results that you expect when dealing with prospective candidates. However, this should not get you down or dampen your spirits. Instead, be ready to bounce back and always be proactive if you are looking to succeed.

10. Always Think Outside the Box

The best recruiters in the market are innovative and entrepreneurial in the way they source for candidates to fill open positions. Given that there is a lot of competition in the recruitment industry, you should try and find new and unique ways on how deal with client and candidates. If your current recruitment methods are not working, do not be afraid to change your techniques until you find something that really works.


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