Small Space Solutions: Daybeds

When you live in a small apartment or home, you have to pick and choose which pieces of furniture you can’t live without and which ones you’re willing to sacrifice for space. For most people a daybed has become a great solution to creating small entertainment and sleeping areas.

When the first models of daybeds were popular (we’re talking centuries ago) they were a great place to relax, eat, and socialise in a comfortable reclined position. Which explains why daybeds have a great multifunctional purpose in a home, serving as a bench, couch, storage space and of course a bed. In this blog, we’ll be going over the best ways to use a daybed in your home.

Window Seating

If your dream apartment consists of a window seat or reading nook don’t fret, even if you live in a small home a daybed can be a great solution. A daybed can provide an ideal lounging spot for soaking up the sun on a nice day, a cosy reading corner, sleeping space for extra guests or more seating areas in your home that don’t block light or too much space.

Using a daybed as a window seat is a cost effective and customisable option, it means no commitment or issues of a build-in design. You can take a pair of cupboards placing the daybed in between to make an even better space saving area, or just change it up with various daybed designs. Ultimately, it can be a great way to utilise the once empty space below your window.

Lounge Room Stand In

If you’re conscious of the amount of space available in your lounge room, or if you live in a studio apartment a daybed can be a great space saving solution. Their open shape keeps your eye moving straight through a space, creating a more airy feeling that’s ideal for entertaining.

You can use one or more daybeds depending on the space you have available, or even combine a normal couch with a daybed to make a more resourceful space.

There are even models that have storage underneath, making it an even better deal if you want to create a clutter free home, or want to squeeze every last inch out of your floor space.

Make You Study Multi Functioning

Most homes that have an extra room are turned into study or storage rooms. While this is still a good idea, you can always do better. Adding a daybed to a study can create a great impromptu guest room, as well as a comfortable way to change up your working day at home. If you think a day bed will make the space look disjointed try adding a few throw pillows, this can quickly change the room’s atmosphere from a relaxed home office to a cosy spare bedroom.

Nursery Room

If you’re a new parent who worries about leaving their newborn in a bedroom by themselves, or find yourself sleeping uncomfortably in there more and more often, a daybed could fix all your problems. A day bed is again another great tool in creating a multi-use room. The daybed can be a place for you to rest on those sleepless nights and as a space to bond, read and feed your baby.

Later on as your child grows, it can also be used as their own bed. Why buy a new one if you’ve got a perfectly great bed at home. Having a bed that you can use for multiple spaces through its lifetime is a great cost effective option for your home, it can mean a lot of money saved to spend towards more important aspects of your life.

Outdoor Entertaining

Day beds are also great for using in outdoor entertainment areas. While outdoor daybeds are going to be a bit more durable then models made specifically for inside you still need to watch where it’s put and how exposed the bed will be to the elements. Also, you can prefer double tv bed that look beautiful in small room.

You have a range of daybed options for different elements and styles of your outdoor areas. There’s daybeds styled more like a chair, great as a poolside lounge chair. Styles that are more similar to a couch and can fit more people and space, as well as love chair designs. These models would all be great either surrounding a pool in summer, or among the furniture already in your outdoor entertaining or verandah space.

Outdoor daybeds also have a few styles that are more out there and interesting in design. Large daybeds with retractable covers for sun protection, daybeds with large box frames and privacy walls. Both of these are perfect for uncovered areas or again pools. Lastly we have hanging daybeds, for those who want a more individual design. These hanging daybeds can come in open or cocoon like designs. They’re a great way to create a sense of space and interest in an outdoor entertaining area.

Daybeds are a great addition to any home, especially if your home lacks space or you want to be determined to use every inch available to you. If you think your home could do with a daybed, or need a solution to a small space, visit our website or visit us in store today. We have a large range of outdoor beds and other outdoor furniture for your home.


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