Smell like a snack- a guide to smelling good all day long

When It comes to smelling good, every individual has their perspective on how they want to smell daily. People invest in body washes and buy Chanel perfume to smell good all day. If an individual smells good, they are more likely to create an excellent first impression. However, research has recently shown that many people have complained that their feeling of freshness tends to drift and fade away in the middle of the day. As a result, they usually fail to smell good all day despite using all the products correctly. However, there is nothing to worry about as this guide has all the detailed evidence on the to do’s for a person to smell and feel good all day long.

Not skipping a shower:

Showering every day can make an individual feel fresher and keep them away from excessive sweating that might cause odour in the middle of the day. Taking a shower properly every single day at least once is quite essential, which is why it is a part of an individual’s everyday routine, for that matter. The reason people take showers is to rejuvenate and wash out all the dirt, dust, and bacteria stuck on their skin cells from the exposure of the day before. While if an individual is looking for that extra kick of freshness and hint of lavender or rose to their daily self, they should opt for taking showers with shower gels (specifical fragrances to their choice) and a loofah, rather than a bar of ordinary soap. A loofah also helps to exfoliate the skin well, and the shower gel adds a great smell while making the skin soft, which contributes to healthier and glowing skin, even in harsh weather. Lastly, the water temperature plays a game here too. One needs to treat their skin like a baby, which is why they should opt for warm or Lukewarm water when taking showers, rather than piping hot water, as their skin cells might get majorly affected.

Shampoo whenever it feels like it:

When it comes to smelling good, the hair of an individual’s body absorbs the most amount of smell and is also the source to give out the most amount of smell or odour, which is why it is pretty important to wash the hair frequently (at least twice or thrice a week). The common question asked nowadays by almost every individual is how often it is okay to wash their hair. While the answer depends on person to person for that matter, as every individual has a different hair type and scalp moisture, some may require the need for a hair wash only once a week while the other individual may require a wash three or four times a week. Washing the hair with a mild shampoo targeted for the specific hair problem is quite the way to pamper one’s scalp. However, it is important to beware of shampoos loaded with chemicals and fragments that can temporarily make the hair smell good but may cause many hair problems in the long run (split ends, hair fall, greasiness). If one intends to get their hair to smell good at all times, they should instead opt for conditioners that have fragments of their choice and avoid contact with the scalp. This way, the natural oils and PH of the scalp may not get disrupted.

Brushing twice/ thrice every day:

Brushing is very important for personal and dental hygiene. There is no doubt that no one would ever want to walk out of their house in the morning for work or school with morning breath and take it to the point where another person finds difficulty talking to them. People brush to remove all the stored plaque from the night while also removing stains of the food and drinks they might have consumed in the day or previous day. Apart from brushing, cleaning the tongue is quite important; like said by every dentist growing up, the tongue is the hub for all the bacteria to sit on and should be scrubbed with the back of the brush until clean, followed by intensive flossing. Brushing should be done at least twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed, and if one cares and is very particular about their dental hygiene, they are allowed to do it even thrice a day (after their afternoon meal).

Use deodorants and perfumes:

This article cannot stress the importance of investing in a good intimate deodorant (for the underarms and the sensitive areas) and a good perfume that lasts long. If one decides to buy Chanel perfume and an antiperspirant, they must’ve revived compliments on how good they smell, making it noticeable for the others when they hug them or sit near them, or even cross by them for that matter, the right perfume could always do wonders for one’s impression. Applying a perfume on particular areas like the wrists and neck is the right way to do it, and if one wants that extra touch, they could always spray some perfume on their hands and scrunch it in their hair for that extra feel and smell. It is also important to keep at least a 15 cm distance from contact with the skin when spraying perfume directly, and not attempt to rub the perfume across the wrists harshly, as the perfume may lose its natural smell and last only a few minutes rather than hours.


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