Snacks are usually sweet or savoury but rarely healthy. While there are various low-fat options like mixed nuts, they can’t satiate the snacking pangs people get throughout the day. But snacking is a global craving, and to ensure snacking doesn’t lead to weight gain, experts turned to indigenous recipes from various countries. These snacks are the healthiest option, and today, people can buy Biltong, smørrebrød, pierogi, and other exotic snacks online and sate their appetite. These snacks have meat as the primary ingredient and don’t have much fat content, making meat snacks the healthier option.


Meat snacks come in various styles and incorporate veggies, seasoning, saucer or dips, to complete the flavour profile. While there are meat-only snacks, people can opt for any variety depending on their craving. Most of these recipes require exotic ingredients or complex cooking instructions, but people can effortlessly buy them from online stores that sell exotic meat snacks with worldwide shipping.

The Smørrebrød From Denmark

Smørrebrød is an open sandwich with meat or egg toppings. The Danish usually enjoy them with a fork and knife, and they make excellent additions to a breakfast or lunch meal. The meat options are endless for this snack and quite effortless to make. The most popular toppings include roast beef, prawns, omelettes, pickled herring, etc. The sandwich bread is rye with a butter coating to enhance the meat flavours, and people can opt to add cold cuts as toppings if they prefer. Read More about hub4u click here cinewap Visit here viewster

The Harðfiskur From Iceland

This snack is an excellent protein source with almost no fat content. Scandinavians eat them like chips, and they have a salty and tangy flavour. The Harðfiskur is a fish fillet rolled in salt and air-dried, then the filler gets a butter coating for drying once more. These fillets are enough for a bite, and people can munch on them endlessly. As the fillet doesn’t undergo frying or roasting, it maintains its protein and other essential nutrients, making it a healthy snack.

The Pierogi From Poland

Pierogi resembles a dumpling in appearance and has a thin dough covering with a sweet or savoury filling. The Polish enjoy this snack with meat and potatoes, along with a dip. Another variation has a cheese or fruit filling, and they eat it with a sweet cream dip; the summer months call for blueberry pierogi in Poland.

The Lemper From Indonesia

Lemper is a savoury snack with glutinous rice and shredded meat, usually chicken, and steamed in a banana leaf or foil. This snack also comes in variations with other meat types, and the chicken has seasoning that adds to the taste. Chicken Lemper is known as Lemper Ayam, and there is also a Semar Mendem, which is similar to Lemper, but it comes wrapped in an omelette.

The Bindaetteok From South Korea

While meant for the rich, this pancake-like snack comes in several varieties with different meat. The meatless versions were for the common public, but today, Bindaetteok is a popular snack enjoyed by everyone. The snack has batter from mung beans, kimchi, sprouts, onion, chillies, glutinous rice, cabbage, etc. The centre has a meat piece, usually ham or some other form of pork. It has a crispy texture, and people like to eat it hot to savour the taste.

The Biltong From Africa

The Biltong resembles the American jerky in appearance and texture but is healthier. This snack has meat cured with vinegar or salt, then air-dried. The traditional Biltong is thicker than jerky and has a richer meat taste. With no frying or roasting, this snack preserves all its nutrients and has nearly no fat content, and people can buy Biltong for snacking any time of day.


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