Soberlink Reviews: The Best Alcohol Monitoring System on the Market






Soberlink is a wireless alcohol monitoring system with a camera on the side, a blue status light on the mouthpiece, and a power button. The device has a long battery life and an automatic scheduling feature. It can be used by up to five authorized people. It allows for testing anywhere in the world, and it offers real-time results. The device’s advanced reporting features allow for custom reports and reporting guidelines.

Perfect devices

Soberlink’s accuracy is impressive. The range of detection is 0.000% to 0.400% and accuracy is 0.005 percent, making it one of the most accurate devices on the market. It also offers several convenient features, including a full-service customer support department. Clients can contact the company for support or to send their results to a designated person. With Soberlink, it’s impossible to hide alcohol use and cheat on rehab. Soberlink is also a great company to work at. It’s not for nothing that their employees write such positive Soberlink reviews online. The company cares about their employees and it shows in their devices and technology.

Easy to use & carry

Soberlink is discreet, and it’s easy to use. The small, discreet device is easy to carry wherever the user needs to go. The results can be mailed to the person or organization you choose. Soberlink is an alcohol monitoring system that can help you stay sober and make a difference in your life. And if you’re worried about the privacy of your data, Soberlink has incorporated safeguards to protect your privacy and protect your identity.

Stay connected

Soberlink helps you stay connected to your loved one who’s suffering from alcohol addiction. Soberlink builds accountability and structure by providing real-time progress assessment and an accountability log. It also allows treatment providers to intervene if necessary. With Soberlink, you can even get email updates to see how your loved one is doing. You’ll be able to follow their progress and ask them questions if you want to know what’s going on.


Soberlink has many advantages over its competitors. For example, it’s portable and easy to use. The results are sent directly to the client’s address, so they can’t hide alcohol use. In addition to its great accuracy, the Soberlink device is also compatible with a variety of medical devices. It has a range of BAC detection from 0.000% to 0.40%. Soberlink is the most accurate alcohol monitoring system on the market.

Perceive tampering

Soberlink has several technologies to detect tampering and provides clients with peace of mind. The Soberlink device is portable and easy to use and is available in both a Cellular Device and a smaller Connect Device that uses Bluetooth. Soberlink is the best alcohol monitoring system on the market today.


Soberlink is extremely discreet. A small, portable unit can be kept anywhere, and it is easy to use. It is also compatible with many different types of devices, so you can be sure the Soberlink you choose is the right product for you. Its high-quality sensor and accuracy are two major advantages. Soberlink can detect BAC levels as low as 0.0005%.

Easy Customer support

The Soberlink device is portable and easy to use. It also offers full customer support and a compliance department. Soberlink is the most affordable alcohol monitoring system on the market. However, some users may not be comfortable with the convenience of the device. Soberlink is not suitable for everyone. In some cases, it can be problematic for recovering alcoholics. It is recommended for people who have problems with driving.


The Soberlink is a highly effective alcohol monitoring system for people who have alcohol addictions. The BAC-monitoring device offers a range of BAC detection from 0.000% to 0.400% and has an accuracy level of +/-0.005 BAC. Soberlink is easy to use and portable. Customers can even request a Soberlink to be mailed to them in case of a problem with their drinking.

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