SOCIAL NETWORKING Sales Channel – Really the Egg-Laying Woolly Milk Pig?

The importance of the Internet as an independent communi Nabenhauercation channel should now be undisputed. Nowadays, it’s not a question of “Do we have the Internet?” but rather, what do you want to do on the internet? The answer for companies has been elusive. eBay and Amazon sparked global changes in retail when they introduced worldwide availability with just an idea or product that can be ordered from anywhere there is web access. The Internet is an excellent source of online marketing.

For every corner of the world, there is a company that can offer products. These are Facebook XING, Twitter & Co.; these give people in any part of our planet an opportunity to express their opinion at any time and exchange ideas with other users around them or anywhere else on earth! This is both good because it connects us all together but also bad since some companies may use this platform for evil purposes too-like spamming customers. For this purpose, you can also take help from Nabenhauer Consulting

Companies that pursue an online marketing strategy with a touch of SEO and adapt flexibly to these special conditions will always ultimately determine the competition. Reviews, price comparisons, consumer and rating portals now replace the advice of friends or neighbors. Every statement can be checked on the Internet in seconds. Every price is compared immediately and quickly – transparency is the magic word. One could almost speak of true democracy of the people or, better, of the customers … Companies that actively participate in social networking are building a powerful sales channel that currently has no alternative

Importance of Social Media

Social networking sales channels can be defined as online sites and apps that facilitate interactions between customers and the brands they like and follow. These interactions may include: finding out information about a product, buying it directly from the site, receiving discounts on their purchases, etc. These tools effectively drive revenues for companies because customers already use them to communicate with friends or acquaintances (online or offline). Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest allow customers to share information about products and purchases with their friends through direct messages or posts on their social media wall. 

Share Their Reviews:

Social networking sites can also help brands get feedback from their customers/followers by enabling them to post reviews of recently purchased products which other online shoppers may find helpful when deciding whether or not to buy them themselves. The best marketing campaigns are ones that involve both parties: the business and its customers. Social networking sites are now heavily integrated into most people’s everyday life, and since they’re constantly using these platforms to communicate with friends, family members, and even work colleagues, they don’t feel as though they’re forced onto an online platform just for marketing purposes

Able To Receive Suggestions:

Customers receive suggestions through social media on brands that they like or products that may interest them by friends who have already used the product/service and liked it. This increases the likelihood of customers buying a product. 

Best For Doing Free Marketing:

Social networking sites can also be good for companies because posts about “new arrivals” or any other information about upcoming products encourage customers to make purchases before they are sold out, hence increasing revenues by creating demand for certain items. It is common to see prices being slashed, giving customers ways to save money when shopping online via social networking sites. Using these platforms to market your company’s products will help improve customer relationships since their needs will be met more efficiently through this channel of communication. You can also do marketing by Google Optimierung.  Social networking sites allow brands to interact with customers on a more personal level without being intrusive. It is mainly used for customer service purposes to solve any problems or answer questions that the company may not have included in the leading brand website.

Better Than Cold Calling:

Social networking instead of cold calling is the order of the day. Every salesperson knows the tiring hours on the phone with customers, the many visits to customers, the discussion with the secretary (whoever underestimates the influence of this guard misses many opportunities) of the desired contact person. While social media marketing is always focused on the glossy presentation of my company or the services offered, interaction with potential customers and establishing a business relationship are the top priorities in social networking. “Small gifts preserve friendship,” the principle naturally also works on the Internet. 


On the one hand, I express my appreciation for the business partner. On the other hand, I draw attention to myself and cultivate the delicate plants of the emerging business relationship. During a (personal) visit on-site, I can hand over a ballpoint pen, a pad, or a coffee cup, and then I offer free eBooks, white papers, or video tutorials on the Internet. So the way has been reversed. If you used to rely on advertising based on the watering and always hoped that a drop of water would reach the right plant, nowadays the customer comes to me because we offer Suchmaschinenoptimierung mit Geld-zurück-Garantie. The interest of the customer is the necessary prerequisite for the business deal. And if a prospective customer is interested in my advertised offers, then their claim is, of course, also there. The customer has looked around the Internet, has researched, questioned portals and social networks, and is at a certain level of knowledge. The establishment of contact is consequently considered and wanted. A beacon company knows this, offers all its interested parties the opportunity to contact them everywhere, and picks up their customers exactly where they are at the moment. Structured social networking is not just limited to the digital world; instead, the worlds mix and ultimately result in a whole.


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