Software Development Team Structure

To launch a project by yourself is impossible because it requires certain knowledge of different areas. It might seem strange, but an average software team could consist of at least four people. Though a sphere of software development is huge, you probably wonder why you need that crowd for one small project. Particular experts are responsible for different parts of creation because they have to manage all details from the appearance of the interface to smooth and fast operation. 

To better understand a software development team structure, we focus on significant members and take a closer look at their performances.

How to Gather a Web Development Team

The shortest way to know how many people you need to launch a product is to apply to an IT company for help. They will offer you a consultation, consider your product, and advise specific specialists who assist you in launching an application or a website.

There are many technologies and ways to work as a team to reach the results. Software companies offer variants, pick up the best people to find the solution, and observe the whole process of creation.

Viable Team Members of Web Development

You may just hear some unknown words like front and backend, QA and QAA engineer, and many others. But there are different roles and responsibilities for each member. 

Frontend Developer

This person works on the client’s side. Meaning that a frontend developer created everything you see on the website. This specialist makes everything to ensure a customers’ great experience without any blurs and errors on the website’s pages. He or she also optimizes elements and data display for various portable devices, their operating systems (IOS and Android), and different browsers (Edge, Google, and others). They are trained to find any possible solution to maintain users’ interaction with the resource.

Backend Developer

This is a tech person who stands behind the smooth operation of a website or application. However, his task is not limited to code writing. He performs and creates complex algorithms, makes sure that the product has a powerful engine, and everything works smoothly, without any lags and bugs. This specialist supports communication with an end-customer and, according to the functionality of the project, can offer a better solution. If you need to integrate any special effects — a backend developer is the right team member to apply to. 

QA Specialist

Since a field of web development is insecure to errors, a QA may be beneficial to every software team. Back and front developers are busy with programming and creating, so they have no time to check how it all works together.  A Quality Assurance Engineer or a simple QA comes to assist them and test everything from a client’s side. But testing is only half of their job. QA controls if all implemented features and options are meet the requirements of the end-customer. Quality specialists check the total performance of a ready product and give feedback to other team members. QA goal is to find all hidden bugs and errors of the product, which makes their help irreplaceable. 

QAA Experts

Quality assistance is needed, but QA cannot run constant tests each time a developer integrates or adds a new feature. That is why such testings need to be automated. And here comes a Quality Assurance Automation engineer. QAA’s purpose in web development is to create and develop a sequence of auto testing processes. They look like a simulation of the client’s behavior and include analyzing each code line. No need to spend the whole budget on the QAA work. A great professional will perform necessary testing and tell you which features you should implement. 

DevOps Engineer

Another significant team player is an engineer that combines web development with IT procedures. On a global scale, products usually do not work as fast as when you tried them before launching. DevOps specialists would check that your website has the same speed for each country that has access to it. They also monitor the website and application security levels and check their availability to other regions. If you hire this expert, you can pay off only for the operations he or she performs. By investing in the DevOps engineer, you have all the chances to increase your ROI.

Product Designer

The whole concept of the product can be realized via clear and responsive design. This is a product designer who you need to make your project glow with the powerful interface and catchy elements. This role may seem not that important in web development, but it only seems that way. They build all components so that the resource is noticed; conversion grows fast and loyal clients follow. Designers follow every change in the project and stick to it through the whole creation process.

Project Manager

Each group of developers needs to stay in a highly motivated mood, and the role of a project lead can fulfill this gap. Managers can understand less in web development, but they sure appreciate communicating with clients. Their aim is to translate IT terminology back and forth to a customer and team members to maintain the development stages and avoid misunderstanding. The project also monitors the fulfillment of tasks on time and transmits new ideas and changes from the client.

Data Business Analyst

Since the team got the web development plan, and actual project launch may pass from three weeks to three months. It is quite a gap between an existing product and how it was imagined and a constantly evolving real-world. BA is a person who ensures the market demand for the product throughout time. He lets it stay needed while the software team is busy with other tasks.

End Performance 

The success of your project depends on the web development team members you select. Sure, there are other specialists to choose from, but the most viable are here on our list. Besides, if you are already looking for a software company, then Purrweb is a great choice. They offer proven solutions and highly experienced professionals who can do their job with high-quality standards.


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