Solar Pool Heating – The Green Friendly Method Of Heating Your Pool

A swimming pool is a wonderful addition to any property, but it comes with its own costs. Pool maintenance, for instance, is something that most people are not able to carry out on their own. Fortunately, pool maintenance companies, such as Dolphin Pools, are there to lend a helping hand when needed. Pool water also needs to be heated to the right temperature during cold weather. This can significantly increase your pool ownership costs as heating such a large quantity of water to the right temperature on a daily basis can be incredibly costly. Fortunately, there is a cheaper way of heating the water in your pool – using a solar pool heating system.

How Solar Pool Heaters Work

A solar pool heater has four main components. These are:

  • Solar Collector: This is the most important part of a solar water heater. It is responsible for harnessing solar energy to heat water circulating within the collector tubes.
  • Water Pump: The water pump draws water from the pool and pumps it through the collector tubing for heating. It also pushes water through the water filter before sending it back to the pool after passing through the collector.
  • Water Filter: If any solid particles get into the collector tubing, they can cause blockage. That is why a water filter is included in the system to remove any debris from water before entering the solar collector system.
  • Flow Control Valve: This can be a manual or automatic device that controls the flow of water through the solar collector system.

It is important to note that the same heating system can be used to cool pool water at night when outdoor temperatures are significantly high. Whether in heating or cooling mode, pool water is pumped into the collector system through the water filter and comes out the other end before being sent back to the swimming pool.

Why Install a Swimming Pool Heater?

1. To Save Money

A solar swimming pool heater costs between $2,500 to $4,000, which means that it is a huge investment. You may be wondering why it is the cheaper option when it comes with such a price tag. Well, the cost of heating your swimming pool using electricity over time can surpass the cost of installing a solar pool heater. The cost of heating the swimming pool using an electric water heater is between $170 to $600 monthly. If you use a propane water heater, your pool heating costs can be as high as $850 monthly. A heat pump is a cheaper option as it will only cost you $200 monthly to heat the pool.

As you can see, it is incredibly costly to heat swimming pools using conventional heating methods. By investing in a solar swimming pool water heater, you can save a lot of money over time. The cost of procuring the solar pool heater can be recouped in just over a year. From then on, you can enjoy free water heating in your pool. It is truly a money saver for all pool owners.

2. To Go Green

Nowadays, every consumer needs to be mindful of the environment. One way of going green and helping to conserve the environment is to adopt the use of solar power systems, including a solar PV module and a solar water heater system. A swimming pool is a luxury feature on a property, so burning a lot of propane or natural gas to heat the pool does more harm than good. Similarly, using an electric water heater, which runs on electricity generated from coal and diesel plants, will harm the environment. By installing a solar water heating system, therefore, you will be doing your part to conserve and protect the environment as it will significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

3. It Can Be Installed Anywhere

If you live off-grid, some pool heating options may not be available to you. For instance, you may not have access to a natural gas supply line. Secondly, you may not be connected to the electricity grid. This means that using an electric water heater or natural gas heating system will not be possible. Fortunately, a solar water heating system can be installed anywhere, whether it’s in the city suburbs or an off-grid rural home.

4. More Reliable

A solar water heater can heat water regardless of the intensity of sunlight. What is required is sunlight, so from sunrise to sunset, the system will heat your pool. This makes them more reliable than other heating options, which depend on availability of electricity, propane or natural gas. If you’re looking for a reliable way of heating your swimming pool, consider installing a solar swimming pool heater.

The key to getting the best results with solar water heaters lies in choosing the right contractor to install a properly sized water heating system. Only licensed, insured and bonded solar swimming pool heater installers should be given any consideration. It may be a good idea to check the portfolio of an installer to assess the quality of service they have been offering before you decide to hire them. This will help you make a decision that’s informed.


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