Some creative ways to have more fun working from home






In 2020, a pandemic broke out. The whole world switched to remote work. It happened even in work areas that we previously thought could be carried out in offices.

Although the restrictions are now starting to lift, many companies have appreciated the advantages of a remote work environment – overhead costs and social activities have been reduced, the biggest of that being lease costs of large workplaces. Therefore, many of us still stay at home and work online.

Here we would like to share with you some secrets of how you can creatively approach the organization of your workspace and make the workflow more efficient and enjoyable.

My home is my fortress! My workplace is my nest!

You no longer need to wear an official tight suit that restricts movement and does not allow the skin to breathe. You can even wear a comfortable sweater to an online meeting with a business partner. Sit in an armchair and put the laptop on a custom lap tray. The image on the camera does not shake, and you don’t overheat the device.

I see the goal!

Arrange a challenge from your work. We usually have a clear plan of what we should do during working hours. The process can become more exciting if you set a goal for yourself. For example, to cope with some small tasks in an hour and a half. Set a timer and try to meet the time – this is a vague example of the Pomodoro technique.

You will be focused and will not be distracted by extraneous matters. The quality of your work will inevitably increase, and the authorities will notice it! In addition, if you complete the task in a slightly shorter time (for example, instead of 1.5 hours, you will spend 1 hour and 10 minutes), you will be able to devote the remaining time to rest before switching to the next task.

Connect imagination!

This method may be even more original than doing the work “on time”.

It will be much more engaging for you to do something if you say your actions out loud!

In the office, we can’t talk to ourselves or even mumble under the nom. Not only will we interfere with other employees, but others will also start to worry whether everything is all right with the person who is always mumbling something. But at home, you can do what you want!

Imagine that you are in a show. You need to describe what you are doing as if you are an expert in this field. Your experience is significant for imaginary viewers!

Undoubtedly, even working in spreadsheets will not be so boring anymore! And even the family will know that it’s not just like that – to earn money, and they will be more attentive and respectful to your work.

Encouragement from your beloved 

There are two types of motives for any work – praise and deduction. The first motive acts as our stable income and bonuses. Unfortunately, there can always be someone ready to criticize another. A nice feature is that we can receive more rewards from other equally valuable types!

For example, if you were working in an office, your colleague or boss would praise you for your achievements. When you work at home, come up with your encouragement!

If completing the work will bring you something pleasant/tasty/interesting, it will be easier for you to do it. You can ask your spouse or kids to praise you for the work done.

We wish you to get joy and pleasure from your work! Remember that we are working to live a happy life!

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