Sorts of Automatic Security Barriers and their Applications

Security Bollards altered squares are a certain fire approach to manage ensure bound areas, regardless of whether private, business or mechanical. Regardless of whether you essentially need to get your parking spot, these tweaked checks will sensibly assist with that. Go ahead and investigate our different sorts of modified cutoff frameworks.

What are Automatic Security Barriers?


Changed security limits are reliably seen at current or business premises, multi-story vehicle leaves, private staff vehicle parks, and the business vehicle leaves. They are relied upon to possibly and profitably control vehicle authorization to protests like those. At Security Bollards, we have various kinds of altered security bollards for you to investigate, as mechanical security obstructions and stopping limits.

Security Bollards 6000B-19 Automatic Barrier


The 6000B-19 course of action is a changed climb and fall limit, which deduces there are no stabilizers or springs. It has a gearbox drive and control board, in this manner bringing into play the most recent headway, which permits a steady and smooth development. The cutoff points can be effectively and immediately introduced. The aluminum progression offers consistency to a future association. It very well may be changed to suit any site plan and access control necessities. The Security Bollards 6000B-19 are customarily introduced at the way or leave space of a vehicle leave. With a 100% responsibility cycle, this breaking point is remarkable for critical mechanical purposes.

Security Bollards Automatic Parking Barrier


This stopping block has a 24v BLDC engine, energy-saving progression, it has an ideal course of action and isn’t difficult to introduce. It’s made of aluminum. This transcendent cutoff has strength and an IP54 rating. There’s a degree of RAL painted perfections that are also open. The effect arm can be fitted left or right. It in addition has an adaptable chamber on the underside. It has red shrewd sign stripes, and as a discretionary extra, LED sway lighting. Security Bollards redid leaving impediments are introduced at business premises and vehicle leaves. They are normal for unfathomable use with a 100% responsibility cycle.

Security Bollards Industrial Security Barrier


This high-use BG94 is an electro-mechanical altered hindrance. It is by and large appropriate for applications that require the silliest execution and consistent quality. The obstruction design comes in electro-invigorates changed steel. The external sheets are pre-painted aluminum. The top comes in dull plastic or a metallic cover, with a natural LED.


Extra parts:

  • Pre-wired combined control board for clear establishment.
  • Emergency discharge has been consolidated.
  • Industrial use impediment, with worked in opening/containing limit switches.
  • To guarantee enduring execution and raised use, it has 80% responsibility cycle.

Security Bollards Automatic Vertical Barrier


This computerized modified vertical check gives an outstanding degree of safety. At Security Bollards, these blocks are relied upon to withstand a Heavy Goods Vehicle weighing up to 6,800kg, impacting at 50mph.

Security Bollards redid vertical preventions are orchestrated and endeavored to satisfy ASTM F2656-07 principles. When applied to our particularly masterminded PLC checking and control board, the obstruction presents far and away from power over your vehicle limit framework.

This coordinated strain drove supervisor ensures an exceptional degree of undaunted quality and execution, consequently making the upward square essential for security applications at a degree of premises including:

  • Commerical and Industrial.
  • Staff Car Parks.
  • Commercial Car Parks.
  • Multi-Story Car Parks.

Security Bollards Automatic Security Barriers


Around here at Security Bollards, we supply an affirmation of extraordinary modified vehicle blocks, which we present all around the UK. They range from light business impediments to strong models. With responsibility instances of up to 100%, these impediments give massive number of activity cycles dependably.

Our cutoff frameworks offer an affirmation of culminations and alternatives, with the hindrance steel authority open as either tempered steel or polyester powder covered. Most moreover offer an assortment of raising effect lengths. The entirety of our redid checks give extra security gadgets, like flourishing photocells, thriving edges, and success affirmation circles.

There is a wide gathering of access control alternatives open. These include:

  • ANPR plate insistence.
  • Audio and video radios.
  • keypads, closeness card perusers.

Security Bollards blocks have a gathering of access control structures, and can in like way be converged into our bespoke programmable thinking regulator, which will give a framework to track and screen vehicle passage/exit on the site.


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