Spells to breakup a relationship

Magic can both, unite people who love or could possibly love each other, and break them up. For example, spells to breakup a relationship can make people who love each other and sincerely want to spend the rest of their life together suddenly feel indifferent to each other or even feel disgusted with each other. They have multiple fights which is very exhausting and finally break up to never look back, because when they do, they feel nothing but utmost hatred towards each other. A spell to break up a relationship is a very powerful thing which changes people’s fates. However, such spells also change the fate of the one casting them. Thus, people who use black magic at least once will never be the same.

Working with a seasoned esoteric like Spellcaster Maxim https://spellshelp.com/articles/love_magic/everything-you-need-to-know-about-a-break-up-a-relationship-spell/ makes it easy to know how to break a couple up without stress.

Spells to breakup a relationship

Have you seen those funny Expectation vs Reality memes about cooking? There are two pictures and in the first one you see a beautiful and delicious cake, while the other one shows just a shapeless lump of something that looks like burned rubber. Speaking of spells to breakup a relationship, always remember that the number of successful spells cast by beginning magic practitioners is always significantly lower than the number of failed ones. So before you start looking for information about how to break up someone else’s relationship with this kind of magic, think whether or not it’s worth the risk.​

What risk is it? To answer this question, you should understand how magic works. As you know, magic can be black or white. White magic can be used when your love for another person is strong enough for you to create a powerful energy charge to perform your ritual successfully. This charge can be created only by people who will do everything they can to make their loved one happy and whose love is unconditional. This is why white magic love spells are so hard to cast. It takes people a lot of time to make the required preparations to transform themselves into a perfect flask of pure energy.

Black magic can give you the energy needed to perform your black magic ritual any time. However, it’s like a loan with a quite high interest rate. After you perform your black magic ritual, you have to pay the energy you received back. Since black magic is all about negative energy, that’s the kind of energy it expects from you. Just so you know, negative energy results from unhappiness, disappointment, suffering, fears, and jealousy. The deal between you and black magic can’t be terminated unilaterally, unless you work with a very powerful spellcaster.

If you managed to cast your spells to breakup a relationship successfully, your loan is paid back by the people you put the spell on. In this case it’s that couple whose relationship you’re trying to destroy. Influenced by your black magic spell, they start finding fault with each other and fight a lot too. They’re disappointed with each other and get extremely jealous of each other. When the black magic collects a sufficient amount of negative energy, the partners break up, while you stay safe.

However, spells cast by amateurish magic practitioners rarely turn out successful, so the chances are you’ll be the one having to pay to the black magic. Whether you’re happy with the result or not, the black magic has kept to its end of the deal when it gave you its black energy, so now you’re in debt to it, meaning you’ll keep suffering until your high-interest debt’s been paid off in full, including the interest. This whole human-black magic interaction pattern is called magical retribution and it can’t be avoided.

So if you want to perform black magic rituals by yourself (we’ll tell you about some later in this article), you should be ready to face the consequences in case you fail to do it right. As we already said, 8 out of 9 amateurish spellcasters fail their spells, because black magic spells are extremely difficult to cast without proper training and sufficient experience.

A spell to breakup a relationship

A spell to breakup a relationship is always black magic. No white magic ritual will ever help you break up a couple, whether your intentions are pure or not. It’s simple. If a ritual is performed to give love, happiness, improve someone’s life, give someone a second chance, or protect someone, it’s most likely white magic. If a ritual is intended to destroy something, make someone suffer or experience negative emotions, it’s black magic. If anyone says otherwise, they’re lying.

This blog is run by several professional spellcasters who want to make magic more accessible to people. We take full responsibility for everything we say here. We can be trusted. Our advice is worth following. We do everything we can to help our readers cast more effective, helpful and safe spells. If you follow our instructions and guidelines, you’ll be safe.

So here’s our first piece of advice to all beginning witches and sorcerers:

If you think spells to breaup a relationship are what you need, don’t cast them by yourself. Instead of putting your fate and happiness in danger, hire a professional spellcaster to get the best result possible and stay safe!

If you still think you can cast a break up a relationship spell by yourself, please review our tips and guidelines and make sure to follow them when you start performing your ritual.​

How to break up a relationship spell

Below are some guidelines related to a spell to break up a relationship:

  • Such spells are always cast at night;
  • The moon should be waning;
  • You can cast a break up a relationship spell only if you know for sure it’ll benefit you;
  • Never perform any rituals if you feel under the weather;
  • Fast for at least one month before your ritual;
  • You should be the only person in the house at the time of the ritual;
  • Prepare everything you need for the ritual two weeks before the ritual;
  • Black magic must not be used by people with children under 7 years of age;
  • Buy a protective talisman before performing your black magic ritual;
  • Remember that black magic makes existing energy problems worse.

Each of the above rules is important here. We already discussed some of them in our previous articles but we’d like to talk more about some other rules today. For example, we’d like to explain to you why spells to destroy relationships should be cast at night. Night is when the energy of life calms down and the energy of destruction takes over. This is confirmed not only by magic practitioners but also by medical professionals. They know that illnesses get worse at night. Besides, at night people – victims of magic – are sleeping, which means their energies weaken making it easier for external forces to break through them. On top of that, a waning moon makes destructive rituals more powerful. So this is why such spells should be cast at night when the moon is waning.

Naturally, the more the partners love each other, the longer they’ve been together, the more difficult it is to make them break up. Spells for beginners (or home magic) are effective only if things are already not going well in a relationship. It’s a perfect tool to encourage people to suggest breaking up or getting divorced.

Some relationships are too strong to be broken up even by powerful witches. To make two loving hearts want to break up, the magic practitioner needs to convince them (indirectly) to do what they don’t want to do, and at the same time defeat their Guardian Angel protecting their relationship. Yes, a every strong relationship which is in fact a karmic relationship is protected by a Guardian Angel, for people in such relationships are meant for each other and this decision is made before they are even born.​

For this reason, when professional magic practitioners try to find out how to break up someone else’s relationship and if it’s possible at all, they tell the partners’ fortunes. This is how they find out if Higher Powers or Angels will want to stop them as well as what the best magic spell is for this couple. Whether or not you believe in Angels or Fate, they are real. They have a significant impact on our life. In our experience, every atheist who performs a black magic spell and encounters its side-effects, ends up changing their mind, realizing this world is far more complicated than they thought. They realize it’s inhabited by millions of invisible but powerful creatures, getting first-hand experience of dealing with them after failing to take the precaution and injury prevention measures specified by professional magic practitioners.

Hopefully, you won’t be one of them – you’ll follow our advice and perform the ritual properly, taking all the required precautions. If anything still goes wrong, contact us and we’ll refer you to a powerful magic practitioner to help you solve your problem.

How to break up someone else’s relationship

Everyone who wants to know now to break up someone else’s relationship must be itching to know how to perform those rituals. The easiest of such spells is cast with a needle. To be more precise, with three needles. Bring them to the house of someone recovering after a painful breakup and leave them there so they can’t be found. The needles should be there for at least one week. In one week go back and take back the needles.

Don’t bring the needles to your place or all negative energy they’ve absorbed will be released in your house. Bring them to the house of the people who you want to break up. Hide the needles so they can’t be found and walk away. Things will go south in their relationship almost immediately leading to an inevitable breakup.

Just remember that this ritual can be performed successfully on three conditions. The first one is that you shouldn’t touch the needles with your bare hands. You should use paper, a pair of tweezers or gloves. Secondly, if any of the needles is found during the ritual, all the negative energy contained in it will be sent to you causing serious damage to your relationship or marriage. If you’re single, you won’t be able to get a boyfriend or a girlfriend for the next few years. Thirdly, this spell can’t be undone. Once cast, it can’t be broken. So before you do anything, think it through and weigh all pros and cons.

This is also a matter of your karmic safety. We have to make it clear to you that black magic will destroy your karma if you use it without having a proper initiation. To prevent it from happening, experienced magic practitioners take special precaution measures to protect their karma or at least to minimize karma damage. You can’t do the same at least because it takes one years to master even the easiest of karma protection rituals. So your decision to use a spell to break up a relationship should never be rash. Think about it for at least a few days. Ask yourself if the satisfaction of revenge is worth the problems and those terrible side-effects you’re likely to face after using black magic, as well as if it’s worth your damaged karma which will make your life a living hell.​

Do you still want to know how to break up someone’s relationship? The second ritual we want to tell you about is a little more complicated. To perform it, you need the sheets the couple has slept on at least once. Preferably, they should’ve also had sex on the sheets. If they invite you, let’s say, for dinner, take the sheets with you without them seeing. Another option is inviting them over for dinner, offering them to stay overnight, and if they agree, making their bed with new white organic sheets.

When they leave in the morning, put the sheets into a paper bag and put it away. In the evening cut the sheets into pieces with a pair of rusted scissors saying the following spell:

“Your relationship (say the name of each of the partners) will never be restored just like no one can restore these sheets which are being cut. You’ll never love each other again just like this pair of scissors will never be shiny and free from rust again. You’ll never want to be together like this night will never come back.”

Repeat the spell until you finish cutting the sheets.

We understand that it’s not easy to find a pair of rusted scissors, so here’re some tips to make one yourself. If you have enough time, take a pair of scissors outside and leave it on your lawn. In a few weeks you’ll see some rust on the scissors, unless it’s made of stainless steel or polymer materials. So before you do anything, make sure you your scissors are metal. Another option is to stick your scissors into a green apple. The scissors will rust in a few weeks, too.

When you’re done, throw the scissors out. Put the pieces into the same paper bag you used for the sheets. Bring the bag to the patio or garage. Make sure it doesn’t stay inside your house at night or the negative energy of the spell will be released affecting your life.

The next morning, take the bag and go for a walk. Every time you see a garbage container, put one piece of the sheets inside, saying:

“From now on you (the girl’s name) and you (the guy’s name) will never be together, unless you collect all the pieces of the sheets together without losing a single string. But this is impossible. So you’ll break up and when you do, it’s going to be for good.”

Don’t stop until there’s nothing left in your bag. Then throw it out and keep walking for a few more hours. Being out in the sun will help you release the negative energy you’ve accumulated during the ritual so you don’t bring it home with you. As soon as you come home, take a shower and throw out the clothes you were wearing earlier that day. These measures will help you minimize the chances of experiencing any negative side-effects of your ritual.

A lemon spell to break up a relationship

Here’s another way to cast a how to break up a relationship spell. This spell should be cast on a waning moon when it’s cold and raining. The sun charges the world with positive energy which can prevent your ritual from bringing the desired results. So black spells (a lemon spell to break up a relationship is black magic) shouldn’t be cast on sunny days.

To perform this ritual, you need a large ripe lemon, a handful of nails, three coins, and two candles. The candle color should be chosen depending on what keeps the partners together. If it’s love, use brown candles. If it’s sex, use orange candles. If it’s good intellectual compatibility or shared hobbies, use gray candles. Make candles by yourself. Step-by-step instructions for candle making can be found in our previous articles.

To cast this lemon spell to break up a relationship, you also need a picture of the couple you want to break up.

Wait until the moon starts waning and at 11 p.m. turn all the lights off and light the candles. You should be alone in your house. If you have a dog, let it out. If you have a cat, let it in the room where you’re going to perform your ritual. If your pet loves you, it’ll protect you.

Put the candles on the table and put the lemon next to them. Now listen to your heart and intuition. If you’re calm, full of energy and have full confidence that you have a right to cast this spell, continue your ritual. If you feel anxious, fear or guilt, if you feel someone’s presence, discontinue your spell. Turn the light on, put out the candles, and never try to cast magic spells again.

Any negative feelings you have while performing a ritual or preparing for a ritual indicate that you’re vulnerable to negative energy. It can be inherited or acquired due to living your life wrong. Anyways, if you keep performing your ritual, it’ll fail. Moreover, some negative side-effects are likely to occur too, resulting in pain, unhappiness, physical and emotional health problems, and broken fates.

If you have no negative feelings, put the couple picture on the table. Put the lemon on top of it, cut it halfway so the halves don’t fall apart. Squeeze it a little until you see some lemon juice flowing down onto the picture, and say,

“May your relationship be as sour as this lemon juice. You (the man’s name) will stop loving her (the woman’s name). You (the woman’s name) will stop loving him (the man’s name).”

Now fold the picture in half (face up) separating the partners. Put the picture inside the lemon. Put one coin on one side of the photo and the other one on the other side. Now stick the needles into the lemon until it looks like a hedgehog or a sea mine. Put the candles in a triangle, put the lemon in the middle, and repeat the spell three more times.

Take a step back, cross your arms on your chest, and wait until the candles burn half the way down. Then put the candles together with all the melted wax into a bag and put it next to the door. Don’t touch the lemon though. Now lock the room where you performed your ritual and go to bed.

In the morning take the nails, the coins and the photo out of the lemon. Tear the photo in half. Drive to one side of the city and throw out one half of the photo saying,

“Please accept this, dear spirits, for your help with my ritual!”

Then drive to the opposite side of the city and do the same to the other half of the photo and the second coin.

As for the nails, leave half by the front door of the man’s house and the other half by the front door of the woman’s house, saying,

“I’m closing the road to (the woman’s name) for you (the man’s name).”


“I’m closing the road to (the man’s name) for you (the woman’s name).”

When you come home, throw out the lemon and whatever is left from the candles, and wait until the spell brings first results. If nothing happens, it means you need to work with a powerful spellcaster who can cast spells better than you, or look for other ways how to break up someone’s relationship in the articles available on this blog.

The best way to end a loveless relationship is by connecting with Spellcaster Maxim on https://spellshelp.com/ Check more


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