Spider Farmer LED Grow Light & Grow Tent – The Best Solution for Hydroponics

The future of gardening is hydroponics, and it is the most necessary step to save our race. Population growth rates are higher than ever, and urbanization is faster than ever in history. But, we cannot eat machines or engines, and science had to step up to find the best solution to fit the situation. Grow tent is the answer.

What is a grow tent?

Usually, the farmers can get one or two crops per year from the land. Hybrid crops can bring more at once, but years of study show that it is destructive for the soil quality and our future. Mowing too much can leave the soil unfertile for years, so the hybrid era is no longer promising.

But, what if we can get more crops in a limited space without harming the soil anymore? A grow tent allows the farmers to grow crops without even using soil, and it is the most catchy part of hydroponics.

About hydroponics

Hydroponics is the technique to use water as the nutrition media for plants. Here, the farmers will replace the soil with natural nutrients and then mix the powder supplement in water to put the seeds to bloom. Once the seeds start to grow and show roots, you can replant them in a grow tent. Spider Farmer LED grows light and tent can be a starter pack for you.

Why plant in a grow tent?

Grow tents are more beneficial these days due to their space-saving technology. Usually, it is a nylon or polyester-based tent with solid rods. The rods are strong enough to hold the plant pots, and so you can get vertical lines of plants Instead of showing them directly in the land. These grow tents also help in other aspects of farming too.

Control light

Sunlight has a very significant role in plant growth. It directly takes part in photolysis which is an essential step in photosynthesis, the food-making process of plants. The length of daylight can directly affect the growth, fruit quality, and outlook of a plant. You can completely control the length of daylight a plant gets within the growth tent.

Use LED grow lights

Growth tents have very dense covering. So, the outer light cannot penetrate through it, neither can the inner light escape easily. According to the calculations, the energy wastage rates are meager than the other conventional farming techniques if you use LED grow lights here. Besides, you can improve your crops’ quality to supply a better and more nutritious diet to people. And you get all these benefits in the Spider farmer grow tents.

Control temperature with grow tents

You can control the temperature inside a grow tent by controlling light. Once you close the zip, a grow tent will become an air-tight chamber, and you can maintain the temperature depending on the crop varieties. So, when you use artificial temperature control systems, you can actively control the ripening time of your crops. After the greenhouse farming technique, the grow tents offer you better results with more minor complications.

Humidity control

Plants give off water through the transpiration process and lose a lot of water through it. Naturally dry or rainy seasons can affect the growth of the plants. But, when you use a self-sustained system like a grow tent, you can control the humidity level and transpiration through a hygrometer only. It means you can visibly control the plant’s growth and flowering qualities.

Space calculations

By now, if you feel confident enough to switch to a hydroponic grow tent rather than the conventional farming techniques, then you must be thinking of the capacity of a grow tent. The grow tents come in various customized shapes and sizes. But, you need to keep at least two inches or more free space around one pot than the other.


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