Spinning Reels: What to Choose? Classic Slots vs New Ones

Debates between gamblers often concern odd things like choosing a slot to play. You may logically think that it is a matter of the player’s taste, as there are tons of slots represented in online casinos. But in reality, the essence of that dispute is covered in the confrontation between classic slot machines and new ones. What’s the difference and what are the secrets of choosing slots to play in?

What Is the Difference Between Classic and New Slots?

What differs classic slots from others? The main difference is their fully classical game mechanics that resemble ground-based slot machines of the past. There are three reels as usual. And the number of winning combinations remains constant. That sounds a bit boring yet there are fans of that type of game of chance who are eager to play only in these slots. As usual, these are the following:

  • Old-fashioned gamers who started their gambling experience at the times of offline casinos.
  • Those who do not love change.
  • Newcomers who still don’t get through the whole principle of spinning slots.

For most gamblers yet, there is a wide choice of new casino slots that are mushrooming each year.  These games of chance could have several differences from classical slots.

  • Game design is the first feature you may appreciate in new slots. It could be inspired by modern video games, movies, some cultural features, or popular topics like Ancient Egypt or Wild West.
  • Game mechanics may also vary as new options often offer a player an extended number of symbols, extra symbols and lines, additional winning combos, etc.
  • In new slots, you can find more complex graphics, 3d elements, and even AR/VR components integrated.

As you can see, both classic and new slots have their benefits so the choice is hard enough.

What Criteria to Follow When Choosing New Slots to Play

When you are going to play new slots you haven’t experienced yet, we offer you to take some tips into account to make your gaming experience a real pleasure, not a disappointment.

  • Choose only products developed by a reliable provider. In that case, you will be sure that the slot’s mechanic is not tricky and you’ll experience fair play. There are lots of slots developed in 2022, and to choose among them, first of all, ensure they are products of well-known providers. Besides the honesty, this will save you from scammers and malware that could be integrated into no-name slots.
  • Gamers’ reviews are the source of information that also should be considered. In these reviews, you can get info about the complexity of the gameplay, the winning you may get on average, and all the tips that are not evident at a glance.
  • If you have no idea about how to play a certain game, it is better not to risk your money from the very start. Lots of casinos offer demo versions of slots to play for virtual money that means for free. Of course, you won’t win real money rain in that manner but you’ll get experience to apply it further when playing for real money.
  • A bonafide provider and a good casino don’t hide the information about slots’ RTPs. This indicator shows the percentage of money that returns to a player in a certain game of chance. For good new slots, RTP shouldn’t be lower than 95%. The higher it is, the better it is for you.

And the main feature you should know is that a slot should bring you pleasure. If you play it with excitement and rage, that’s cool. In other cases, maybe, it is worth choosing something else for your gambling pastime?


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