Standing Desk Vs. Sitting Desk: Which One Is The Best For You?

These days, standing desks have become the rage in most workplaces. This has led to serious discussions about the possible benefits that are linked to their use. Many of us spend many of our working hours seated. Considering the risks that are linked to limited movements, this has made many people consider the benefits that standing desks offer.

When it comes to a standing desk versus a sitting desk, comparison can always be done based on the benefits that each of them offers. This can also be approached from the preference point of view of the users.

Standing Desks Vs. Sitting Desks: The merits and demerits

One big advantage of a standing desk is that it’s adjustable. The height can be altered depending on your height. Also, there are a few sitting desks which are possible to be adjusted without difficulty. This adjustability forms an important part of the discussion about standing desks versus sitting desks.

Standing desks are an amazing choice for your health. Even in instances where you have a sedentary job, the negative impact of the lifestyle that you are leading because for most of the day, you will spend your time while walking around. The health benefits that you get from this can offer considerable benefits.

Another amazing benefit that standing desks offer is the fact that they are ergonomic. From how they are designed, they can assist you to develop the best posture, which is not possible when you are using a sitting desk. It’s not always easy getting away when you have a poor or unhealthy posture when you remain standing for the entire day. This assists in ensuring that the body doesn’t develop chronic pain and excessive strain on your body.

However, you should also remember that it takes some time before your body starts adjusting to standing for long hours. You will need to alternate between sitting and being on your feet. It will take you time before you start getting used to the entire scenario. The shift from sitting to standing might make you feel like it’s a lot of adjustment, so hard work will be very necessary.

Scenarios where sitting desks are better

1. When you have leg or back injuries

Injuries to your legs and back may make it hard for you to stand while working, and this is where properly designed sitting desks can help. This is the best case when you have severe injuries or condition that makes it almost impossible to stand while working.

2. When different versions of desks are accessible and affordable

When there are various options for sitting desks, with most of them designed to be ergonomic, there is no reason why you should not buy them. Their accessories and replacement parts are also easily available.


More people are becoming aware of the numerous benefits that standing desks offer. This has caused them to shift to these desks at their workplace and enjoy the benefits that they offer. Remember that these desks are for everyone and have been proven to deliver amazing benefits.


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