In this modern world where most people find it impossible to finish off their primary work on time, be at their profession or kids at school. Mostly known and refered to as ‘rat race’. In fact, it may not be an exaturation if sooner than later humans will be refered to as Rats because of their busyness to get things done racing against time. This makes one stressed and the need to find stress relievers that would best serve them. Wouldn’t it be great to have access to an easy to use, user-friendly app with many optional features? Stremium Inc has introduced the Stremium app, designed to bring much required satisfaction.

Stremium for Android TV

Stremium allows to access TV listings, watch a show, or shows one likes and also offers the option of recording the show to the cloud without a fuss. Stremium turns ones android mobile or TV to a DVR thus enabling one to stream watch TV channels easily. With this, one could view many channels, watch live telecasts, see the future ones on offer, search for a show/movie that would be of interest and then with the recording option record such ones.

So, with this app, all busy people could choose, record, store and schedule to watch at the most convenient time. With easy storing, one could watch the stored recording as many times wanted. Who would have thought there will be a smart app that could turn one’s mobile this sophisticated, giving its user value addition plus service making the mobile an easily affordable DVR hosting its users’ favourite shows movies stored in its cloud? Stremium is so compatible as it supports all TV channels via Internet. As entertainment provided by TV shows, Movies are so popular, and most TV channels continuously keep adding new channels to provide more choices.

You could thereby organize to record any of these new shows and Movies of interest. Stremium guarantees with its app capability that its users will not be disappointed in missing out on any entertainment of their choice. The value addition offers do not end as yet one could transfer/cast Live or Recorded shows, Movies to the TV Big screen to bring about more viewing satisfaction to a user if one wishes to.

Therefore, referring to this as an inexpensive DVR which could be accommodated in one’s pocket is quite amazing isn’t it? Stremium is also available to be refered in social media Facebook, Twitter and on Stremium web to keep one updated on news of new channels and new features that are offered. It is not wrong to state that Stremium has brought about the possibility of one not missing out on entertainment even with one’s daily busy schedule.

Download Movies and TV shows app

Best and easiest way to find your favourite movies and TV shows app is by using AppLinked or FileSynced. Those are the main and popular app stores for Movies and TV shows applications.

AppLinked and FileSynced does not store or create any app. Those are opened and free app stores where any one can create their own store full of apps. You have to find TV code to access those stores. For example, find popular FileSynced codes to access popular FileSynced stores. There are many other alternatives to FileSynced such as UnLinked.


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