Summer Care Tips For Your Furry Friend

With the winter almost ending and the summer approaching, pet owners are well worried about taking care of their furry friend and wonder how to go about it. So, start scrolling down if you are also in the same group of people and are looking for prominent tips to take care of your furry friend!

Below we have come up with all the summer care tips to take care of your furry friend and keep them in optimum health. Let’s check out what they are:

1.Keep the Feet Protected

Just as much as we enjoy summers, pets do the same as well. But as going out bare-footed makes you think of a roasted chicken, it’s the same with your pet too. So, it’s essential you search for feet protectors to wear while going out in the sun.

2. Don’t forget the sunglasses

Well, don’t you like to flaunt your sunglass range? There is no way you are not in agreement with what we are saying. So, why not get your pet some cool sunglasses to keep up with the dog fashion trends and protect them from the sun. And if you think where to get them, don’t miss out on the range that PETstock Australia has!


Why won’t your pet enjoy the summer just like you have? So, make sure you make frequent visits to the beaches and parks where your pet can go about and have loads of fun! Don’t miss out on carrying balls, squeaky toys, and doggy puzzles!

4.Cooling Foods!

Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! So, why wouldn’t you give your pets this pleasureful food! But remember to get your pet the suitable ones for them and not the ones you eat. Since their body mechanism works differently from humans, don’t forget to get them some delicious cooling foods.

5.Be extra careful about bugs

Summertime is the best season for bugs to be out and about! You can be sure of loads of mosquitos, fleas, and ticks. These pests are extremely dangerous for your pet and can create loads of problems. So, be extra careful about them and give the required treatments. For that, we would suggest you speak to a vet to be sure about the things you are giving your pet.


Each vaccine is given to humans or pets specifically to protect them from various diseases and attacks. So, it’s always essential you take care of pets and give them the required vaccinations. We always advise our readers to record the pets’ vaccinations to ensure they are getting them on time and are up-to-date.

7. Grooming!

Generally, pet owners prefer to keep the long fur of their pets to protect them from harsh colds. But that’s not necessarily required during the hot summers. Moreover, these long hairs keep shedding, which go around and dirty the floor, furniture, and clothes and well. There are chances that your pet might consume the hair, too, which can be extremely bad for their intestines. So, be sure you groom your pet as soon as the summer months approach.

8.Keep them Hydrated

Just as the summer months might bother you and dehydrate you, your furry friend might face the same issues. So, be sure you hydrate them well and give them the required amount of water.

Even though their hydration will be different from yours nevertheless, speaking to a vet might help in this regard.

9.Cooling Mats

Several cooling mats are available in the market that can keep your pet cool during the summer months. Remember to carry them along with you when you go to the beach.

10.Keep Away Warmers

Many times, pet owners love to dress their pets up with cute t-shirts and sweaters. But our summer care tip to you is to keep them away! This is only because your pet already has natural clothing, which helps them adjust to the temperature. So, make sure you do not plump them up with further clothing.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you know exactly how to cool your furry friend and keep them in the pink of health. So, go ahead and incorporate these techniques, and we’re sure your pet is going to be fit and refined during this summer.


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