Finding the Right Private Label Supplement Manufacturer for Mushroom Supplements






Mushrooms are a great source of nutrients for the human body and although they are not medicines per se, their medicinal value is unsurpassed. Unfortunately, most of us seem to believe that mushrooms are just good for pizza topping or an ingredient for omelets that are not always possible to have on a regular basis. Today we have private label supplements manufacturers producing a wide range of mushroom supplements in several formats that allows convenient use. The demand for organic food supplements have been growing steadily over the years and today it is a $100 billion industry that is growing really fast.  

Type and form of mushroom supplements you want 

There are over 10,000 different varieties of medicinal mushrooms that have been researched but hardly one-tenth of that is being used by private label supplement manufacturers. Among the most popular types of medicinal mushrooms that are used currently, are Oyster, Mesima, Agaricus, Enoki, Shiitake, Royal Sun Blazei, Lion’s Mane, Chaga and Maitake among others. 

To a large extent, your customers’ preferences decide the form in which you present the mushroom supplements you sell. When you partner with a private label supplement manufacturing company, you would like to make sure that they can produce the supplements in different forms such as capsules, tablets, softgel, gummies, powder, liquid, beverage and nutrition bar among others Blissful Wizard

Partner with manufacturer you can rely upon 

Since private label supplement manufacturing is a fast-growing industry and has already acquired the scale of a major industry, the competition is strong. Most manufacturers operate professionally but there are many others that don’t. When you go out looking for a partner to manufacture supplements for your business, make your selection carefully. 

Many new supplement brands that depended heavily on one private label manufacturing company to supply all its stock, have suffered irreparable losses or closed down altogether. Apparently, these supplement brands did not do their homework well enough and did not research the background of their manufacturing partner and paid the price.    

Your manufacturing partner should have the right capacity 

Ideally, you want a dietary supplement manufacturer not just with the right attitude towards partnership but also with turnkey capabilities. That basically means, your manufacturing partner should not just be able to produce the supplements in bulk but also be able to fill, seal and package the products, design and print your labels as well as ship the products to your customers. 

You might not need all these services from your supplement manufacturers but it is always preferable to partner one that has this kind of turnkey capacity. Depending on your situation, you might need just one or a few of these services to begin with and then go on to hire all of these after you develop a good working relationship. When you have the option to get all these services under one roof, why not take advantage of it and focus on your marketing?    

The Emerald Corp is a white label supplement manufacturer with turnkey capabilities that are now the lifeline of several big and small supplement brands across the United States and beyond. 


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