Sydney or Perth: Which Is the Best Choice for You?

Sydney or Perth? Anyone who intends to study and work in Australia has probably already asked this question. After all, which is the best city for your study in the largest country in Oceania? Well, honestly, there is no exact answer to this question, as both options are incredible, each with its own particularities and characteristics.

To help you decide, we prepared this post with some tips from both cities. After reading to the end, it will certainly be easier to choose the one that best fits your profile. Want to check it out? So stay with us until the end of the content.

What are the best schools in these cities?

Well, we’ve talked a lot about Sydney and Perth already. However, one of the most important points is missing, after all, if you go with a Study Visa Australia, you will need to enroll in an educational institution in these two cities.

It is worth mentioning that doing a study exchange in Australia also gives the student a work permit and this is extremely advantageous for those who want to upgrade their curriculum or even save extra money to return to their own country.

Almost all of these institutions have incentive programs for internships and work with local companies. In addition, within the classroom itself, it is possible to develop networking to secure good vacancies.

We separate a list with the main names of each city and a small summary. Just click on the one that interests you the most to know more details. Check it out below.


Curtin University: It is the largest university in Perth and stands out for its multicultural profile. There are courses in architecture, communication, medicine, engineering and hundreds of others, as well as English courses;

Edith Cowan University: offers courses in health, education, business and many others. Its campus has dormitories, sports spaces, restaurants and shops;

Murdoch University: one of the best in Perth, it has more than 200 undergraduate and postgraduate courses;

University of Western Australia: The oldest university in Australia and one of the most renowned in the country.


University of Technology Sydney: dynamic and cosmopolitan. It has a unique teaching methodology and is already a world reference in the field of technology;

Macquarie University: has almost 40,000 enrolled, among them, 10,000 are foreigners. It is located in the heart of the city and offers a modern and complete campus;

ELSIS: excellent English school, one of the main references for exchange programs in the country.

Which city has the best climate?

Perth is undoubtedly the hottest and sunniest Australian capital in the entire country. To give you an idea, in summer, thermometers can reach 40℃, easily. In winter, a pleasant chill takes over the city, at an average of 10℃to 22℃.

Greater Sydney, on the other hand, is not very different. However, in this specific comparison, of course, the sun, although constant throughout the year, is a little more moderate. Average temperatures in summer vary between 18℃ and 26℃. In winter, some nights can get close to 9℃.

What are the best beaches in Sydney and Perth?

We’ve already talked about the sun and you’ve already noticed that, regardless of the choice (Sydney or Perth), in both cities you can enjoy – and a lot – the summer. Therefore, another major important factor in this decision is the coastline.

In Sydney, the Manly resort is the most popular and has incredible beaches, both for strolling with friends and catching waves. After all, there is a part bathed by the bay and another part by the ocean.

Among the dozens of options, be sure to include Bondi Beach in your itinerary. This is one of the busiest and busiest stretches of sand in Australia. Other must-see options are Balmoral, Nielsen Park and Camp Cove.

In Perth, the highlight is Cottesloe Beach, perfect for swimming and relaxing. Those who prefer to face a rougher sea should visit the beaches of Trigg Island Beach and Pinnaroo Point, ideal for surfing.

Perth is also the darling of athletes, considering that its coast is an invitation to practice various adventure activities, including bungee jumping, kite surfing, windsurfing, diving, abseiling and mountaineering, for example.

What are the main attractions of these cities?

In the center of Perth, in addition to the numerous bars, restaurants and cafes, the city offers a multitude of attractions for residents and visitors alike. The two main thoroughfares, Hay Street and Murray Street, are a must-see for shopping, lunch, ice cream or simply strolling around. It is possible to take advantage of the surroundings to visit the Bell Tower and the Art Gallery of Western Australia, a gallery full of works and which has guided tours.

On the other side of the country, however, you cannot miss the Sydney Opera House, symbol of the city and an icon of contemporary architecture. Another activity that you can enjoy is climbing the Harbor Bridge to see the sunrise or sunset. In addition, strolling through the center means being able to come across an incredible variety of restaurants, cafeterias, theaters and shops for all tastes and budgets.

Anyway, these were some tips for you to choose Sydney or Perth as your new home in Australia. Undoubtedly, describing all the advantages of each city in a single text would be an injustice.

The fact is that, regardless of your choice, both offer extraordinary levels of quality of life and real opportunities for you to develop your life, both personally and professionally. Look for an education agency and learn more about these two possibilities.


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