Tata Play Adapts to the Youth’s Changing Preferences 






India’s leading DTH service provider has not stopped enhancing and modulating creativity. Last month, on January 27, 2022, Tata Sky received a complete makeover and rebranded itself to Tata Play. With an aim to venture beyond Direct To Home (DTH) services, the company has a new name & identity and will continue to provide content from traditional DTH channels as well as OTT platforms with a single subscription.

Tata Play has added the OTT beast – Netflix to the other 13 existing OTT platforms. Consumers can now experience seamless entertainment by flipping between broadcast television and OTT content.

According to Harit Nagpal, MD & CEO of Tata Play Ltd, “Over the years, the company has expanded to 23 million subscribers and has made the content distribution platform a formidable player in the market. Now Tata Play is focusing more on creating an ecosystem of content delivery by stepping into OTT and Broadband.”

Tata Play: Coping Up with the Entertainment Demands

The company has been extensively working towards meeting consumer demands. Catering for the last 15 years, Tata Play has brought different kinds of services to consumers. As entertainment consumers are looking for straightforward solutions to cope with the ever-changing digital arena, the company has always focused on bettering its services every day.

Tata Play now has 13 OTT platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + Hotstar, and more. It comes together under Tata Play Netflix combo, and consumers can watch it through a single user interface. Now, you don’t have to spend time managing multiple subscriptions because Tata Play will do it for you. They have a variety of combos for you to choose from, providing the best entertainment across multiple languages.

The younger generation was precisely looking for this kind of flexibility in the entertainment platform. We know that switching from one platform to another for getting the most of your favourite shows is quite challenging. And, obtaining separate subscriptions for each drains a lot of money, of course.

But Tata Play is right at your bay and always at your rescue. With the Tata Play Binge aggregator application, you can get access to all the 13 premium OTT platforms with a single login across multiple devices. You can watch unlimited content under a single subscription by just paying once for Tata Play Binge+ Set Top Box or Amazon Fire Stick – Tata Play Edition. With the introduction of Netflix, the entertainment aspects have broadened. And consumers can gladly keep on retaining the best of both worlds.

One-Stop Entertainment Partner for Millenials and GenZ

At the pandemic’s start, people were forced to stay locked inside their houses. So, most of them chose entertainment platforms as a source to ease their boredom and anxiety. Many have also shifted their entertainment preferences and started watching content over OTT platforms.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that broadcast television viewers have significantly decreased. Because both platforms have potential viewers, it was pretty challenging to switch between them. So the leading DTH service provider, Tata Play, thought of streamlining the process and making things easier for consumers and helping them enjoy wholesome entertainment.

Ending Note

The offerings of Tata Play will allow all the family members to enjoy all kinds of entertainment on multiple devices. According to their choices, they can watch content on OTT platforms or from the DTH packs. You’d be amazed to know that all the combo packs come at absolutely pocket-friendly prices. All offers remain just the same, with refined choices and your all-time favourite: Netflix added to the box!

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