Taya Langley sudden change in school

Taya Langley, the not so old mistress was born in the year November 22, 1997, she is a pretty lady that has got a long, blonde hair color and her body skin is as bright as the morning sun.

She looks so pretty that you might want to be with her already as her body moves can make any man want to trip.

Her eyes color is like that of a young child as they were so bright, that one stare at your face from her as a young guy you will almost pee on your Jeans.

Although Taya Langley looked like someone who might be rude, her heart is so soft, only a  few with the guts to speak with her would notice this.

One day Taya suddenly formed an attitude of walking from her hostel college room down to an old tree that has been growing in her school even before the existence of her late father.

Right under the tree, she would sit down with her face looking straight up to the sky wondering about something she never told anyone.

Although, it was something very dear to her heart.

This move from Monday, after chemistry class to her room then from here down to under the tree by Taya, was becoming so frequent so much that most students in the school were already getting to notice Taya’s weird movement all the time.

However, no one had the guts to walk up to Taya to find out the reason why she had decided to be this way for the whole of the second-grade class.

This continued as Taya’s new attitude had been this way right from the beginning of second grade up until this time when students in Taya’s school were already starting to prepare for their end of section exams.

There is something that Taya does each time she sits down under the tree where she normally sits,  which is that she would hold firmly to a teddy bear by which she calls Palam.

Palam is Taya’s birthday present from her ex-boyfriend Jack. He gave her this present, which was a very costly teddy bear.

Taya loved this teddy bear so much because it brings back memories of those interesting emotional feelings that both her and Jack her ex felt for each other.

So, more likely Taya’s reason for sitting under the tree was because she was feeling lonely and this was why she decided to sit under the tree all by herself wishing she could have one more moment with her loving ex-boyfriend, Jack.

Taya is an African American. Although she had bright skin like most white Americans she was not a white lady she was a Black American.

In as much as this continued a young boy named Terry, Taya’s classmate in school made his shot at Taya, as he approached her to let her know how he felt about her and how much he would love for Taya to be his girlfriend.

This young white boy in Taya’s school has been noticing Taya’s movement since the beginning of grade 2 as he has consistently been following her around the school just so he could win her heart and make Taya his girlfriend.

Although to Terry, this dream would one day come to pass but still yet the decision wasn’t for him to make. It was on Taya who decides who she wants to make her boyfriend, even though Terry had high hopes on Taya becoming his girlfriend he just can’t be until Taya agrees, but Terry is willing to make sure that Taya agrees by all means possible.

Although, throughout Terry’s attempt Taya kept on saying no. But instead of this young white boy t,o relent he made a more pressing effort.

It was a sunny afternoon and everyone had to go back to their various hostels after a round table lunch by all the students in Taya’s school.

Taya grabs Palam her soft teddy bear and off she heads to her room, at this time Terry was stylishly standing by a door waiting for Taya to come out from the lunch table.

Then at last, after much waiting, Taya Langley came out and was already about three steps to the door where Terry was hiding and waiting for Taya.

Then Terry grabbed Taya by her arm as she tried to push him away, then he held her so tightly with hand all over her back down to her waist. He could not control himself anymore so he kissed Taya so tightly that it was like he had planned from the beginning to pull out Taya’s lips.

Although the kiss was aggressive with romance and love, he made the young lonely lady feel the warmth as he kissed her down to her neck then from her neck, his mouth was moving from her neck down to the remaining part of her body, he did this so quickly that even though Taya tried to resist it, she couldn’t.

This was, however, Taya’s first rough oral sex experience life.

At the time when Taya was still dating Jack, the sex that they both had was usually done willingly and Jack was the first boyfriend Taya ever had.

So whatever Terry has just done to Taya, Taya has never been treated this way, even though she enjoyed the pleasure of the kiss the whole time he started kissing till he stopped kissing her the facial look and body movement expressed by Taya showed that she enjoyed every moment of the kiss.

But the sweet feeling she felt turned into a feeling of guilt immediately after they both departed from each other.

Although Taya later got back to meet Terry and they both had sex like never before throughout Taya’s college days she was sleeping with Terry it was bang! bang! Each time they met.

But the sad news that happened after  Terry and Taya had graduated from college is that Terry died from a disease called leukemia.

Terry got short of blood because Taya turned into a sex addict. She turned herself into a bitch that all she thinks about was sex. And for Terry to make Taya happy he was bent on making sure he gives sex to Taya daily.

Taya went to a rehab after Terry passed away and then the sad story of Taya turning into a bitch changed.

Taya became a changed person entirely and has turned into a CEO.

She is the founder of Toptier X Tayaaleese, a US based beauty brand launched in May 2015.


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