The 3 Benefits of Using Mini Rigs Vs. Full-Size Dab Rigs for Advanced Users!

We now have vape devices and concentrate pens that are a lot easier and more convenient to operate for anyone interested in trying concentrates for themselves. They do not require heating torches and make it a lot more convenient to enjoy concentrates. 

But there’s a new trend in the world of dabbing, and it is gaining popularity at a fast rate. What is it? It is a mini dab rig! Learn more about using a mini dab rig.

Mini Rig: What is it?

It is simple to assume based upon the name what a mini dab rig is. We do not suggest making assumptions in life, however, in this case, you’d be right. A mini dab rig is a more compact version of its full-size counterpart.

Mini rigs from MJ Arsenal work exactly the same way as full-size dab rigs do. Everything is just on a smaller scale. So, why do mini rigs from MJ Arsenal pump out more vapor? Because of the decreased quantity of air inside the dab rig. Less air means more flavor from your most-used concentrates!

Mini Rig: What are the benefits?

One other benefit that you’ll receive with a mini rig from MJ Arsenal that you will not obtain with full-size dab rigs is a more concentrated production of vapor. With less space within the dab rig, vapor does not have as much space to expand and winds up being a lot more concentrated. You will receive thicker than normal draws using a mini dab rig with more flavor and a denser vapor. One extra bonus is the denser draws will not be as harsh as they’d have been through a normal-sized dab rig.

One substantial benefit to owning a mini dab rig from MJ Arsenal is its portability. They are more comfortable to pack around, and their smaller size means you will not need to be concerned with them arriving broken or smashed like full-size dab rigs. Many mini dab rigs are designed of borosilicate glass that is more shatter-resistant and durable compared with regular glass.

Mini Rigs: How do they work?

One amazing thing regarding mini dab rigs is that they do not require any repeated learning. They work the exact same way as full-size dab rigs. If you’ve ever used a more extensive setup, you already have knowledge of how to use one of the smaller mini dab rigs. They aren’t any more complicated than full-size dab rigs, and you will have the ability to easily make the transition from one rig to another.

Mini rigs from MJ Arsenal contain less room for air, so they generate more flavorful and condensed vapor than larger rigs. Once you have dense vapor hits with a regular-sized setup, the vapor may be fairly harsh. That is something you will not need to be concerned with when you use a mini dab rig. You receive the dense flavor and vapor; without the harshness experienced using a larger rig.

As the popularity of mini rigs continuously grows worldwide, an increasing number of manufacturers are adding their own rigs to the market. Eventually, which dab rig you pick depends on your budget, your personal preferences, and your requirements.


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