The 3 Medicinal Uses of Black Peppercorn

Native to India, black peppercorn made its way through Europe and eventually landed in America to stay. Black peppercorn is a spice that is not lacking in any kitchen. It is much softer and friendlier than white and green peppercorn. Therefore, black whole peppercorn is perfect for seasoning almost all kinds of dishes.  Are you aware of the medicinal properties of peppercorn?

The 3 great medicinal properties of black peppercorn

According to traditional Ayurveda medicine, black peppercorn can help improve digestion, relieve the respiratory system, and fight to age. Learn about all your medical benefits here:

  • Improves digestion

Black peppercorn helps release hydrochloric acid, necessary to digest protein, and stimulates digestive enzymes in the pancreas. This spice contributes to the release of hydrochloric acid, one of the components necessary for our body to digest proteins. Black peppercorn stimulates digestive enzymes, which helps improve digestion.

  • It is an antioxidant

Black peppercorn contains piperine, a compound that protects against oxidative damage from free radicals and favors the functioning of antioxidant enzymes.

  • Relieves cold and flu

Black whole peppercorn helps relieve airway congestion, expectorates, and dries out mucous membranes.

Ways to use peppercorn:

Here are some ways you can consume whole peppercorn, apart from how you do it regularly:

  • Infusions: you can add some black peppercorns in your homemade infusions to take advantage of their benefits. We recommend you grind the grains previously in a mortar. Buy peppercorn for grinder refill here. 
  • Vinegar and oils: You can add some black peppercorns in the vinegar or oil and then use them as you do regularly.

Discover the medical benefits of black peppercorn

Black peppercorn is a spice of Indian origin. This condiment (the fruit of the pepper tree), is usually very spicy and aromatic, ideal for seasoning meals. However, it is also very useful for your health.

 Benefits of Black Pepper

  • It is a condiment that is normally used for cooking. It makes the dishes taste better, and thanks to the great seasoning it provides, people who consume it have better health since it provides medicinal benefits.
  • Black peppercorn adds a delicious flavor to your meals, but it can also help you lose weight, improve digestion, relieve coughs and colds, speed up metabolism and treat skin problems. 
  • Black peppercorn protects against the degenerative action of free radicals, responsible for most of the diseases caused by modern life’s environmental and nutritional effects.
  • Thanks to its enzymes, it can increase the bioavailability of a series of therapeutic drugs by improving their absorption and influencing metabolic activity at the liver level.
  • Peppercorn can stimulate its function, increasing the proliferation of cells known as splenocytes, responsible for releasing immune substances.
  • It can also stimulate the release of nitric oxide from macrophages, generating a signaling system at the molecular level that prepares the body to deal with pathogenic organisms. 
  • The piperine in pepper has also been shown to promote skin pigmentation. Therefore, it becomes a valuable help for people affected with vitiligo.
  • Black pepper, like red pepper, has a strong thermogenic effect on the human body. That is, it increases caloric expenditure by increasing basal metabolism.
  • This greater thermogenesis represents a more active metabolism, and therefore, the daily energy balance could be benefited without falling into imbalances that favor excess body weight.

What precautions to take?

Peppercorn can interact with some medications, so it is recommended to speak with your doctor before using it as a home remedy. It is not recommended to consume the pepper in large quantities, greater than its regular culinary use.

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The health properties of Black peppercorn do not end there. Much is said about its possible positive effects on blood circulation.

Now you know, add a little of this seasoning to your dishes, and you will receive the benefits of its unique flavor. Your health and your palate will thank you.