The 411 of Pool Deck: Costing, Benefits and More

Pool decks are the part of the swimming area where you balance fun, style, and safety! Before you take a splash onto the refreshing water, you hit the decks first, and that’s where you take a deep breath and feel the cool outdoor vibe before you dive!

Your swimming facilities owe it to a beautifully decorated exterior, and one way to achieve it is with concrete pool decks.

Suppose you are now on your way to redesigning and upgrading your ordinary decks with decorative concrete. No need to dial 411. Here is all you need to know about pool deck cost, pool decking materials, and design options. All these and more are ahead!

Pool decks: The Essential Facts

Now that you have decided to upgrade the design of the water leisure ara in your backyard, you are probably searching for the best materials, latest design, and updated cost of installation service. You may also want to find a local pool contractor near you.

But before you jump into the whole process, you must know the essential factors involved in planning a property improvement project as the homeowner.

Where to Begin Your Pool Project?

The best way to approach your pool project to revamp is to consider the project’s basic but essential parts.

Here is a quick preview of those:

  • Type of swimming pool in your backyard
  • Material of your choice
  • Your design preference
  • Your budgetary requirements
  • Time and area of installation

Let’s talk about the first point.

What type of swimming do you have?

The first concern you have is to assess and evaluate what you have. Do you have an indoor or outdoor pool?

Do you want to retain its original form?

Or would you like to change everything entirely?

Look at the big picture first. Then after that, you can pick tiny details that need your attention.

To guide you in your detailed assessment, try considering the following points:

  • What is your pool-type layout? Does it have a curved deck, an extending deck, an infinity pool design, etc.?
  • Do the decks have cracks? Is it damaged, too worn out/ Or do you need a change in style, color, or theme?
  • Do you have a commercial pool or a residential swimming pool?

What material would fit your preferences?

The end goal of your listing down the essentials in your project is to come up with a budgetary requirement and time allotment for the labor.

But then, only you can go down to the final criteria when you have eliminated other concerns and decide which material to use. Your cost would depend on what poo decking material you would want to have.

Here are some popular choices for pool resurfacing.

  • Concrete pool
  • Fiberglass
  • Pebbletec

For decking materials or lining around the poo coping, here are the best choices you got:

  • Concrete pool deck
  • Pebbled decks
  • Textured pool decks
  • Combined materials
  • Cool deckings
  • Gravel finish

Learn another essential factor when choosing the materials. The climate in your region plays a major role in your decision-making.

Time and area of installation

Time and area influence your material choice, time allotment, and budget for labor.

First, assess what materials would suit you. Concrete materials would adapt better to humid places, and the concrete decks need less water exposure. If you have them where rain frequents the area, you would be more likely to conduct regular repairs.

Pool resurfacing experts would recommend to use versatile materials to prevent major cracks on the inner lining of the pool. Someone would need to use more innovative and adaptive material if they won commercial pools. The Las vegas fiberglass pools would be a better choice for heavy traffic swimming facilities and more appealing modern aesthetics.

When choosing a particular material, it is best to schedule on a time of year where humidity is enough. Having warm weather with less moisture in the air helps the materials cure fast and adhere efficiently to the ground surface.


Those items discussed above would help you summarize your budget effectively. It takes hard work and effort on your part to compare the pros and cons of materials and compare fees when it’s time to choose who would do the job. But once you lay out all the essential details, all work will pay you the best results!


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