The 5 best Desert Safari’s in Dubai:

It’s time to appreciate Dubai’s true and natural beauty – desert beauty. Explore the Dubai desert beauty by riding camel, dune buggies, and tackling in the Sandhill’s. Here you can observe the quietness and stillness of sand even in the presence of air. So you will have a variety of options to select the Dubai desert safari package according to your wish.

Desert Safari:

You can do several activities in the Desert Safari Dubai. You can explore the culture and tradition of Arabs, where Dubai provides you with shining and joyful places to visit that are world-renowned. At the same time, Dubai wants to show its tradition and culture away from the city’s limelight but in the desert. It is the best place to visit if you want to know the Arab or UAE culture. In the desert, you see the culture and feel and experience it.

When someone plans their Dubai visits, many things and activities come into mind, like spending the day in splendour shopping, shining metropolis, sitting in the luxurious restaurants, and eating food. But do not forget that Dubai’s true beauty is constructed on the sand. So how does someone neglect the experience of the Dubai desert?

Have a romantic sunrise and experience balloon flight.

Many tours and trip companies provide outstanding services to their client. Like they will pick you from your destination in swaging Land Rover, and they let you know the tale of Dubai’s history. After the beautiful ride, you will experience the evening of desert along with a delicious four-course meal. While eating the food or BBQ, you can enjoy the most entertaining part of the package: belly dance and traditional Tanoura dance.

Besides an elegant and symbol of bravery, “Falcon” presents to you where you can hold the bird and take pictures. It is also known as the Falconry show. After this, camels are here to leave you at the door of tents to have a peaceful sleep. In the morning, get ready as soon as possible to enjoy the ride of hot air balloons that fly over the rolling dunes.

Haveaaudacious ride:

The proper name of Desert safari is Adventure Unlimited. It is full of adventure days while doing a desert safari. To experience the adventure, the travellers have to be ready for a ride that pumps the adrenaline over rolling dunes. To experience sandboarding, climb the dune and stand at a 90-degree angle. Keep in mind that you must be 18 years for this activity and hold an authentic manual driving license.

Sleep under the Sky full of stars:

Sit in the car and across through the broad reach in the mid of the desert. If you want to have a memorable desert experience, then a dune buggy is the same option. While riding a dune buggy, you can capture several unique clicks when the sun meets the desert horizon. After taking a number of clicks, you will return to your camp through a camel ride.

Now it’s time to enjoy belly dance while enjoying a delicious Emirati dinner. If you are an alcohol lover, there are open bars where you can enjoy and pay per drink. But during the Holy month of Ramadan, the bars are not available. After this, sit in the open-air desert and spend your romantic night under the shining stars. It is the most impressive and priceless thing to experience in the vast Dubai desert.

Uncover the Desert Wildlife at a conservation reserve:

Another vital thing to do in the vast desert is to uncover nature during Safari. In this session, you can see and capture the unique flora and fauna of the Dubai desert. The significance of the flora is they can grow in extremely hot temperatures, even in the absence of water.

Moreover, you can also spot the desert wildlife animals, ranging from Arabian gazelles to oryxes. After this, you can have morning breakfast according to the Arab tradition. You can eat your fill and go back to your residence to explore the charming city of Dubai.

Have a small taste of desert life: (Evening Desert Safari)

If you are not a massive fan of an overnight stay in camps of the Dubai Desert Safari but also want to have experience, then the evening safari is an excellent option. In this package, you can have enough time to do a safari and spend some time in the tent. It’s a priceless moment to look at the sky full of stars and moon spreading cold and peaceful light.

Toyota Land Cruiser is also available to pick you from your hotel and leave you at the final destination in desert camp. Feel the experience of henna designs and many live performances like dance and fireworks. Furthermore, it is unforgettable to enjoy grilled prawns, lamb with fresh salad, and apricot salads.


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