The 5 most requested Inflatable Mattresses at Parties of the year 2021-22

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As there is little left to finish the year 2021, we would like to show you the inflatable mattresses that have been rented the most throughout the year at children’s parties, communions, baptisms, weddings, birthdays, parties in urbanizations of phoenix and its surroundings etc. End-of-year parties at schools, gatherings of AMPAS of schools and much more… We have had the pleasure of repeating with many of our clients one more year and we have also had numerous new clients, some of them from places that we had never been. Here we show 5 of our most requested inflatable mattresses for rent this year:

  1. Rainbow Mat:

This bouncy castle is one of the most requested by the little ones in the house. It measures 4.5×6.5×3, it has an area with obstacles and two slides that lead outside. It has been present at many of the parties held in PHOENIX.

  1. Clown Mat:

The inflatable clowns are ideal for children up to approximately 6 years of age. It measures 3.5×6.5×3, it has an interior slide and obstacle area.

  1. Arch Mat:

Large Inflatable Mattress 8×4.5×5 it has a large jump area with obstacles and a slide. It is ideal for children over 6 years of age. He has been present at many of the birthday parties and graduation parties.

  1. Titanic Mattress:

This inflatable PHOENIX track has impressive measurements of 18×4.5×6 with a slide with great characteristics and a large obstacle area.

  1. Water Mat with Slide Track: 

We received this aquatic inflatable Water slide rentals AZ for the summer season and it was a success. It measures 14 meters long by 4 wide. We have rented it both with the foam party pack and without it and it have always been very popular. We hope that in 2022, the new bouncy castles that we have received for this new season will work as well as those mentioned above.

New Inflatable Mats Available

For this season, at watersliderentalsinphoenix.com we have some new bouncy castles, which are already available in our warehouse for our smallest customers to enjoy. These are two of the new Inflatable Mattresses that we have received:

Inflatable Mat under the Sea:

 It is an inflatable with a large jumping area and obstacles, where the children will submerge under the sea with the marine animals. This inflatable mattress is ideal for children up to 6 years of age. Its measurements are 5x4x3.

Images Inflatable under the Sea:

With the rental of this inflatable mat, there is the possibility of renting an inflatable slide and thus expanding the Bouncy Castle under the Sea. The measures of this pack are 9 meters.

Images of the pack Under the Sea with slide:

Now we are going to talk about another new inflatable mattress that we have available. Disney Inflatable Mattress: these inflatable measures 5×3.5×3. It is shaped like a castle, and inside there is an obstacle area with a basket. It is adorned with some Disney characters, such as Mickey and Goofy. It is ideal for children up to 7 years old.

Pictures of the Disney Bouncy Castle:

  • Rental of inflatables with the monitor. This service includes the inflatable mattress chosen by the client, the professional monitor who will be attentive to the care of the children, transport, assembly, and RC insurance.
  • Rental of inflatables without a monitor. We take care of the transport, assembly, and collection. With this service, you can enjoy a bouncy castle all day.

Inflatable Slide Rental at PHOENIX

Party at the PHOENIX with Arco Inflatable Mat

A few days ago we moved again, to celebrate a party, in Water slide rental phoenix. Days before this party, we celebrate with them another event with the Arco Iris bouncy castle, and this time we have repeated but they have decided to rent the Arco mat. This mat is very famous among boys and girls due to all the colors that are on it and also because of its slide and the area of ​​obstacles that it has.

Inflatable Rainbow Mat at Children’s Birthday Parties in PHOENIX

The Rainbow inflatable mattress is highly demanded for children’s parties or birthday parties where there are boys and girls up to 8 years of age. This mat is very popular with both children and adults for its design, its rainbow colors as its name suggests, for its jumping area, and for the two side slides. These slides give much more play to the mat since in this way the children have the possibility of going in and out as many times as they want.

The measures of the Rainbow inflatable are 4.5×6.5×3.

In recent days we have been to several children’s birthday parties in PHOENIX with the rental of the Arco Iris inflatable. If you are interested in renting one of our bouncy castles, contact us and we will inform you of everything, without any commitment. We have attractions for all tastes, bouncy castles, inflatable slides, PHOENIX tracks, inflatable gladiators, human table football, mechanical bull, foam party, and also magic shows, clowns, stand-up comedians, face painting, balloon twisting, entertainers, and everything you need to make your child’s party perfect. You just have to tell us what you are thinking and we take care of the rest. Just click on the highlighted link and visit our recommended site.


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