The 5 Oculus Quest 2 Accessories that Will Make the Most of Your VR Gaming Experience

There’s a lot of new things included with the Oculus Quest 2 – such as huge advancements in graphics, better 3D audio effects, and the introduction of an HD screen. However, while these features are neat and interesting, they don’t do much to improve your gaming experience if you have poor accessories. In this article, I’m going to tell you about five essential Oculus Quest 2 accessories that will change your game for the better.

What is the Oculus Quest 2?

The Oculus Quest 2 is the latest version of the planned successor to the original Oculus Quest. It holds all the same functions as its predecessor including launching and fixing scratches and crumpling but adds compatibility with games that were originally designed for VR headsets like Oculus Rift and, in some cases, HTC Vive. The headset will also be compatible with any mobile device as well as PCs due to its plug-and-play functionality.

Why Get Oculus Quest 2 Accessories?

Oculus Quest 2 is a great way to update your Xbox One S and PSVR gaming setup. But to get the most out of your new headset, you’ll need accessories like controllers, sound systems, extra earbuds and room sensors. The other criteria for picking an accessory is how compatible it will be with the headset – for example, do you want a battery-powered option or an adapter?

List of 4 Best VR Gaming Accessories for Men and Women

An Oculus Quest 2 headset is a powerful gaming platform to experience and explore the next generation of gaming. These 4 accessories will make a big difference in your experience. The best place to start shopping for your virtual reality accessories is amazon.com.

Offset Thumb Rest 

Can be attached to the left or right thumb of your controller’s housing and allows you to rest your wrist with your other hand while you still use it as a remote.


Offers relief from VR set weight on your head, possible backaches, fatigue, neck strain and nausea. Adjustable so they can fit different sized heads with or without helmets.

Spanner Tool

Primarily used for adjusting holders when running switch plate cables through

Key features of top Oculus Quest 2 Accessories

Among the top 5 Oculus Quest 2 accessories, a VR headset is listed in the list. The headset came with a gift light-twilight layer that reflects light on the screen of your VR headset for increased visibility and safety during long gaming sessions. Other noteworthy choices were an external Bluetooth controller and storage box, which helps save space and make transporting your accessory easier.

Get an Oculus Quest 2

People are still waiting for Oculus to release its epic follow-up in the Quest series. The best consolation comes in the form of accessories, one being hands-down the Quest 2 charging kit ($69.99), which helps you keep your VR headset charged while playing games.

Where are we going now?

The Oculus Quest 2 looks like a redesigned version of the previous one that launched in 2018. The newly updated Quest boasts a more powerful and streamlined handheld controller with larger buttons, a dependable optical OCulal sync module as well as improved graphics. It also has more comfortable padding where your face will be when playing games.


The Oculus Quest 2 is a totally new and exciting Virtual Reality headset. It is lighter, more compact, and more comfortable than the first generation headset. The only downside is that the onboard sensor won’t work underwater or in harsh environments such as sand or snow. So if you enjoy games that require those elements, you’ll need to purchase an accessory capable of doing so.


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