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Whether you are working in your own private workshop or running an advanced machining production center, your health and that of your team, not to mention the purity of your production process, hangs on the cleanliness of the space you work in. To that end, modern engineering has brought us a wide range of choices when it comes to dust collection technology. There are many fine products in this category available today. But here, we want to discuss the finest manufacturers contributing to the industrial dust collection system market.

Our selections are based on a reputation for quality products. But beyond that, we also looked at customer service as well as advanced services such as design, installation, and overall customer satisfaction. Finally, as this is a list article, let us make it clear that we are starting with the best in order to save you time. However, we advise you to do your own research and your own due diligence before investing in an industrial dust collection system.

The Top 8 Industrial Dust Collection System Manufacturers

The best Australian dust collectors available can collect particles as fine as a single micron in size. While this is impressive, it should be considered a minimum standard of quality. The manufacturers on our list are known for producing and servicing products that will run reliably for years with little to no problems – because you need to be able to trust your dust collection system so that you can get to work worry-free.

Aair Purification Systems

San Diego, CA

As the most competitive provider of industrial dust collection systems in Southern California, Aair Purification Systems has their work cut out for them. They serve one of the widest selections of industry types with one of the most diverse range of products you are likely to find. They work with retail companies, manufacturing centers, supplement producers, and much more. The state of California has some of the strictest OSHA regulations in the world, and Aair Purification Systems delivers on the regulatory needs of its clients masterfully. As a matter of necessity, they are among the most versatile and agile dust collection system companies in the industry.

RGF Environmental

Riviera Beach, FL

With 30 years of experience in the air purification industry, RGF has earned its glowing reputation for system design, engineering, and quality manufacturing. Many of the turnkey environmental systems they deliver have been at work for decades, delivering clean workspace air around the clock. RGF serves industries that provide water, food, and agricultural products – so their customers cannot afford to drop the ball, and RGF supplies them admirably.

Pollution Systems

Houston, TX

The reliability of the systems designed and installed by Pollution Systems is impeccable. They provide one of the most comprehensive lists of product types you are likely to find in this industry. Most impressive is their ability to deliver top-notch quality on all of their product lines while maintaining one of the most diverse lists of product types. This is fantastic for companies with diverse production centers since they can serve a wide range of dust cleaning needs.

The CMM Group

De Pere, WI

This company focuses on odor abatement, energy recovery, and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emission control. They have one of the most responsive aftermarket service teams in the industry. This is exceedingly useful since few large industrial-grade dust collection systems can be installed and expected to function at peak levels without some post-installation optimization. The CMM Group is something of a pioneer in this regard, and if you have the good fortune to be working with them, you know you can count on top-notch customer service.

Kono Kogs, Inc.

Green Bay, WI

This global scale supplier of industrial dust collection systems has earned industry dominance on a global scale by providing functioning and reliable turnkey solutions to massive operations. Kono Kogs has achieved an impressive level of agility for such a large organization by offering to buy and refurbish used regenerative thermal oxidizers. This enables them to serve organizations that may not have the capital on hand for a brand-new unit.

The CR Clean Air Group

Parsippany, NJ

This company serves one of the most industrialized corners of the United States with a solid reputation for providing equipment with a 99.99% efficiency rating. That, combined with smaller scale dust collectors and personal protective equipment, can provide the safest working environments even in the most demanding production centers. That being the case, the CR Clean Air group has earned contracts with leading medical suppliers, aerospace contractors, and agricultural organizations.

Durr Systems, Inc.

De Pere, WI

Also known as Durr Megtec, this company places its focus on the regulatory compliance needs of its clients. Durr is concerned with the ability of the companies it serves to maintain good relations with their immediate neighbors. This means, if you need to work near residential areas or shopping centers, Durr can help you with dust collectors that excel in reducing odor emissions, and greenhouse gasses. If community relations matter to you, Durr is the go-to choice.

Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

Milwaukee, WI

Last, but far from least, Anguil delivers masterfully engineered environmental systems and tops them off with industry-leading service solutions. Their international list of clientele includes some of the most demanding commercial entities on Earth. They are another global scale company with a glowing reputation for outstanding equipment and equally outstanding aftermarket care.

In Conclusion

What all of these companies have in common, in addition to providing high-quality machinery, is deep industry experience and a reputation for great customer service. However, the one that shines forth most in our opinion is Aair Purification Systems. This is because they deliver on the small-scale end of the dust collection system spectrum like no other. While it is great to have a massive, industrial-scale dust collection system working away, only the smaller units can be used to clear an individual area for a specific time and purpose. It is something that any serious workshop owner learns over time, and Aair Purification Systems delivers the goods.

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