The ABCs of LED: What Is LED Lighting?

LED lights have been around since the 1960s, but they’ve only gone mainstream in the past decade or so.

If you’re still using those same old incandescent and halogen lights, you might be wondering: What’s the big deal with LED lights? What is LED lighting, anyway? And what makes LED brightness superior to others types of lights?

We’ll answer these questions and much more, so keep reading!

What Is LED Lighting?

For starters, what does LED stand for? The acronym is short for “light-emitting diode.”

And while that might sound like something out of the latest Star Wars films, it’s actually a simple concept. Electricity flows in one direction — in through an anode and out through a cathode — to produce visible light. In other words, it’s the complete opposite of a photovoltaic cell.

LED lights are cheap to produce and contain no harmful ingredients, which explains why their popularity has soared in recent years.

Common LED Uses

Where will you find LED lighting? Consider some common uses:

  • Home lighting fixtures
  • Business offices
  • Warehouses & factories
  • LED parking lot lights
  • Airports
  • Ships & boats

Basically, anywhere you can use another type of light, you can replace it with an LED fixture. Bonus: They function well in extreme temperatures too, so they’re ideal for outdoor use.

Advantages of LED Lighting

Now that you’re more familiar with LED lighting, let’s discuss three practical reasons to make the switch.

1. Saves You Money

Would you like to save money on your energy bill at home and at the office? LED lighting will save the average family $1,000 over a 10-year period on their home electricity bill. If you own a business, your energy savings could be even greater.

Why do LED lightbulbs cost so much less to operate? While incandescent bulbs give off 80%-90% of their energy as heat, LED lighting produces just the opposite — 80%-90% visible light and only 10%-20% heat.

2. Longer Lifespan

Another reason you’ll save money (and time) with LED lights is because of their incredibly long lifespan. Most traditional incandescent or halogen lights need replacing after a year or so.

Contrast that with LED lights, which can operate for 10 years or more! They’re very durable too, which means they’re less likely to shatter or need replacing.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Traditional lightbulbs contain mercury and other harmful elements. These pose not only a serious health risk but also pollute the environment after they end up in a landfill.

Once again, LED lights emerge victorious. They’re 100% recyclable, meaning they won’t take up precious space in a landfill someday. They’re also free from mercury, carbon dioxide, and other dangerous substances.

Enjoy the Benefits of LED Lighting in Your Home

So then, what is LED lighting? It’s not just a way to shine light in your home or business. It’s also an ideal way to save money and help the environment.

Unscrew those dusty old bulbs and replace them with LED lights instead. You’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner!

LED lighting isn’t the only topic of discussion today. Keep browsing our site for other articles on technology, home improvement, and much more.


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