An employer can resort to a temporary employment contract (CTT) to meet specific needs for personnel or qualifications. The advantages to being recruited on an interim basis are numerous for the user company.

Interim is a recruitment tool for companies that do not have an adequate human resources department to manage their staff, particularly in recruitment and the various administrative procedures.

Beyond the administrative and financial advantages offered by temporary work, temp agency bay area tends towards continuous improvement to provide companies with qualified personnel who are immediately operational.

To allow the employer to assess the interest in hiring a temporary employment contract, here is a summary of the advantages of temporary work as a response to the recruitment needs of companies:

Interim save time in the recruitment process

To recruit staff, the company must give itself the means to do so. It must organize the recruitment, from the drafting and distribution of the advertisement to establishing the various documents, including the selection of CVs and interviews with candidates.

The temp agency bay area can relieve the company of this recruitment process which requires investments in time and costs.

In addition, temping agencies like Scion Staffing have many available, trained and qualified applications from which they can choose the candidate who best meets the company’s expectations.

Interim cuts red tape for the company

Entrusting its administrative management to the temp agency allows the company to relieve itself of the completion of various formalities such as drafting the contract, editing pay slips, renewal endorsements, work certificates, the organization of the employee’s medical examination, the various declarations, etc.

However, these services are invoiced by the agency as well as the various fees for services rendered, such as application and recruitment fees.

Recruiting on an interim basis allows the term of a contract to be adjusted

Within the framework of a temporary agreement, it is possible to advance or postpone the assignment deadline at the rate of one day for five days worked without exceeding ten days. This “period of flexibility” does not require the establishment of an amendment to the contract.

Termination of the contract is negotiable if:

  • It does not have the effect of disadvantaging the temporary worker
  • The temporary worker is reclassified in another company for the same remuneration and in the same geographical situation.
  • Interim guarantees successful recruitment

The company can request the replacement of the temporary worker if he does not meet his expectations or if he is absent. The agency does not bill this absence since it can only bill the company for hours worked.

How Scion Staffing Seattle is a leading agency for Seattle and Great Washington State?

Temporary employment companies (ETT) like Scion Staffing represent the meeting point between companies looking for candidates to perform a temporary task and looking for a job.

Depending on the requirements of the profiles requested, the temping agencies are reactive to the requests made by companies. Indeed, they have their bank of candidates, most of who have already worked for them. Thus, they can spontaneously respond to a request made the day before to provide a temporary worker the next day. This timeframe differs slightly, especially when the profile sought is particularly demanding.

From the many applications it receives, the ETT has created a massive bank of staff. Temporary employment agencies like Scion Staffing are constantly receiving, selecting, and recruiting quality, often rare, profiles. Thus, this continuous contact with the labour market has enabled them to develop skills in recruitment and advice provided to client companies. In particular, they can advise the employer on the profiles sought or the remuneration offered. All these features make Scion Staffing the best temp agency in Seattle and Great Washington State.


Conclusion: In addition, the employer can rely on the skills of the agency and in particular in recruitment. Thus, the company is less exposed to the risks of having recruited a candidate who does not correspond to its needs or that of the requested profile.


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