The All-New DAF XG and XG+ Games Are Finally Here!

Just a couple of weeks back, a few images from Euro Truck Simulator 2 game were posted online. This is about an upcoming truck covered in a camouflage wrap. Hopefully, you had fun guessing as much as we loved creating the special livery. 

Finally, we are here to introduce to you the brand-new DAF XG and XG+. It is a very proud and exciting moment for everyone. The reveal is happening just a day later after the official reveal of the New-Generation DAF trucks games.

The New-Generation DAF introduces a new era in the world of trucking. The new trucking line focuses on driver, efficiency, safety, and comfort. With these, some people can afford cheat and hacks for simulator games at NemoTrainer. There are lots of options unlocked in the game for you.

The new XG+ and XG cab is a great revolution since DAF’s previous cab was introduced back in 1987. It is good to see DAF working hard to reinvent the game with the XG/XG+. They are striving to be the first in the market with their new super-sized cabs. This is made possible by the reformed EU Weights & Dimensions law that allows increasing the length of truck cabs up to 80cm. 

It features a longer and rounder front overhang. This not only improves driver safety but also fuel economy. The increased cab space allows a wider bunk to fit in. Besides it provides more space for driving positions.

The introduction of optional digital mirrors is new to the Euro Truck Simulator 2. It replaces the conventional side, front and wide-angle mirrors. These mirrors are included as they help improve side visibility. The conventional mirrors create a blind spot at junctions are replaced with displays that sit perfectly on the interior A-pillar. The mirrors are designed with exposure correction for improved night-time visibility. 

Another great addition to Euro Truck Simulator 2 game is the fully digital dashboard display. Other things include a Driver Information Panel (DIP). It comes unique along with modern graphics that help the truck stand out from the rest. Not just that, but it also helps improve your driving experience.

The New-Generation DAF is available in Euro Truck Simulator 2 game with the XG+ and XG cab options. For now, only the 4×2 chassis option is available. They have also introduced a new launch paint job for the new trucks. The best out of the lot has to be the Tuscan Yellow launch color.

Thanks to the marketing and designing teams of DAF Trucks for introducing such amazing features.



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