The Beginner’s Guide to Writing an Essay

If you are a student, the amount of tasks you have to complete daily is vast and enormous. As many students admit, essays are among the most popular assignments they get in terms of writing. However, essays are not among the most complicated assignments; beginners could face difficulties when completing them. Thanks to professional writing services, students who face challenges in writing can delegate their assignments to authors proficient in writing. Such services provide effective and affordable support to students with tasks of any level of difficulty and on any topic. By reading this review, you could get more details on how such services work and how to apply for professional writing support. By the way, except essays writing services could help with speeches, terms papers, research paper writing, and others. 

For those willing to create a meaningful essay, we have collected some of the perfect pieces of advice from professional authors and teachers. Read on to get the essential guide to writing an essay and apply the information to your studies.

1. Start with instructions

When a teacher assigns you to write an essay, he or she additionally provides you with manuals. Manuals are instructions to tasks that provide students with vital data on a forthcoming article. Instructions would contain such essential data as format (APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian), word count or several pages, topic suggestions, deadline, type of an essay, and other vital details on the paper. By reading and following instructions, you would make your paper perfect.

2. Define the type of an essay

You would become proficient in essay writing faster if you would learn the types of essays. There are several of them to remember: 

  • Argumentative essay: bring more persuasive and strong arguments to convince readers to join your opinion.
  • Expository essay: this type of essay assumes exploring the topic from several angles and explaining an idea in terms of a topic.
  • Descriptive essay: you need to describe a subject in detail. To make such an essay meaningful, you have to create a vivid description.
  • Narrative essay: this type of essay requires telling a story that would be complete and readable.
  • Admission essay; students write such essays when they need to apply to a college or university.

3. Outline an essay

A perfect essay is impossible without a vast outline. There is an effective hack for beginners to make an outline detailed. An essay outline added with commentaries, quotations, ideas, etc., may become the first draft and economize your time spent on writing. For a standard 5-paragraph essay, you would require adding an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. Make sure to add cohesive words and make paragraphs logically bound.

4. Edit patiently

You would require reading your texts after finalizing them to reduce grammar and stylistic mistakes. Check the content first to reduce unclearness or unchecked information. Proceed with checking the style and reducing grammar mistakes. If there are repeated words or mistypes, take them away and replace them with correct words and synonyms. If you are not sure that you can proofread the essay effectively, you can use some online tools like Grammarly or others.


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