The Benefits of Speech-to-Text Technology in All Classrooms

Gone are those days when we relied on only textbooks in the classrooms. Nowadays, technology plays a vital role in almost all the fields out there, including education. One such technological advancement that is transforming classroom learning is speech-to-text technology. 

Speech-to-text technology helps in transferring ideas to text in a more precise way. Although this is more helpful for children with processing-related abilities and ADHD, this technology can be implemented in almost all classrooms. 

Let’s go through some of the most talked-about benefits of speech-to-text technology in all classrooms. 

Liberating for kids with writing disabilities and fine motor needs

Speech-to-text helps save time, which is highly beneficial for students who usually forget their ideas once they start writing or students who cannot get words on the page at all. This was mainly because kids were intimidated when asked to write professionally, with different grammar prohibitions stopping them from writing. 

But speech-to-text can help such kids to get their ideas on paper. Kids with writing disabilities may find it difficult to process their thoughts and then write it down. With speech-to-text, they can easily transfer their ideas.  

The basic process of vocalizing all the ideas and seeing the words appear on the screen helps kids with writing disabilities to relieve stress during writing. Students can watch their thoughts being filled on the pages, which can drive them to think more. Even experienced tutors like Landon Schertz use this modern approach to make learning easy for kids with learning disabilities. 

Kids gain technological skills during virtual learning that they might not have otherwise gleaned

You must understand that access to technology has now become an issue of equity. But students using the text-to-speech technology have also gained technological skills that otherwise would have been very difficult to master. 

Many schools get the chance to engage with new accessibility and learning tools that were out of the budget or bandwidth during personal training. And if students will get familiar with different technologies and the online platform, it can decrease the digital divide between schools that have started using technology just before the arrival of the pandemic and those who recently equipped themselves with technology over the past year. 

Read-aloud technology improves kids’ reading skills

The inverse technology of text-to-speech, more commonly known as read-aloud technology, is helping students in improving their reading skills. This process involves hearing text read aloud, and this simple process makes sure that none of the words or lines are skipped. Such an approach in read-aloud technology helps in enhancing comprehension.

Moreover, students can even highlight completely new words for learning definitions or hearing pronunciations which, in the end, boosts the vocabulary of the students. Even students with reading disabilities can simply pause the story for taking notes or take their time in processing it. 

You can take the example of the private tutoring provided by Landon Schertz, where a mix of new-age technology and traditional teaching is used to make learning fun rather than a burden. 

Nowadays, a vast majority of private tuition classes like the one provided by Landon Schertz use the modern speech-to-text approach to cater to the specific learning needs of different students. Along with becoming familiar with the technology while using such tools, students can control the pace of learning according to their grasping ability, which makes text-to-speech a great success in the education field. 


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