The Benefits of Virtual Therapy Sessions

When it comes to therapy, many people believe your life has to be in shambles before seeking help. Thankfully, we are moving away from that mindset as a society and are more open to the concept of therapy and what it can do for people of all walks of life. Unpacking things from your past and sharing ideas about your future is a normal and healthy way to progress in life. As the global pandemic continues to ebb and flow, virtual therapy has become huge among the mental health community.

Whether you were previously seeing a therapist in person before the pandemic or are interested in finding one that’s right for you now, there are so many ways to find a therapist online and connect with them virtually on a regular basis. Virtual therapy can also be great for patients who are seeking flexibility and don’t always have reliable transportation. Many people have reported that they felt better about their mental health after just a few weeks of treatment with a virtual therapist. We are going to go over some of the benefits of virtual therapy and why it might be the right fit for you.

 Virtual Therapy

Find a therapist from your couch

Finding a therapist wasn’t always as easy as it is today. Of course, there are always challenges with insurance and finding a provider who can work you into their schedule, but the digital age has streamlined many of these processes, and it hasn’t been easier than it is today to get intervention.

There are several platforms online to find the right therapist for you, such as WithTherapy and other websites that work to connect mental health professionals with their prospective patients. If you aren’t looking for individual therapy, there are also ways to find a treatment group that might be right for you depending on your situation. Take advantage of all the resources there are available to people seeking virtual therapy, online and you will be surprised at how easy it is to find a therapist from the comfort of your couch.

Experience therapy without leaving your comfort zone.

Being comfortable in your environment is a huge deal when it comes to talking with a therapist. If you aren’t comfortable with your surroundings, you might not be as willing to share parts of your life with someone you aren’t so familiar with.

A huge benefit of virtual therapy is the ability to get effective treatment without leaving your comfort zone. You can stay in your sweatpants, drink coffee, pet your therapy dogs, and light a candle all while getting the benefits of a psychotherapy session. Being comfortable while discussing tough subjects with someone you just met plays an important role in your therapy journey. You might be more willing to talk about things that trigger you or make you apprehensive about sharing due to your comfortable environment.

 There is no commute with virtual therapy.

One of the best parts of virtual therapy is not having to drive anywhere to do it. Not only can commutes be stressful financially as well as physically, but they can also be a waste of time. You are already carving out one hour of your week to fit a therapy session into your stressful life, so why waste more time trying to get there?

If you’ve ever had a rough therapy session, you know the drive home can be taxing mentally because you tend to mull over everything that was just discussed. This can not only be distracting but exhausting as well. When you’re in the comfort of your home you can simply turn off your phone or close your laptop when the therapy session is finished and cry into a couch pillow if you need to.

If you’re apprehensive about starting virtual therapy but are curious about the process, you might try talking with your primary care physician and getting suggestions. Many people who seek virtual therapy have seen significant improvement in their mental health after just a few sessions.