The Best Answers if You were Asked “Are You Willing to Relocate” in an Interview!

One of the most common questions you could face in an interview is, “Are you willing to relocate”? Irrespective of all other interview questions, you must admit this is one of the most important questions. Therefore, you must prepare yourself for such questions prior to the interview in order to satisfy the interviewers with a suitable response from your end. Always keep in mind, even your educational qualifications won’t help much if you fail to satisfy the interviewers. Moreover, if you sit down to estimate moving costs, you will know how costly an affair it is to relocate for a job until and unless you find the best movers. 

Is It Necessary to Say “Yes”?

Well, it is not necessary that your answer have to be a bold “yes” every time in order to get the job. It can be a straight “No” or even a “Maybe” instead; if not, relocation is one of the unavoidable conditions for securing the job. However, it would be best if you satisfied the interviewers with your answers. Even if the answers are negative, you have to make them understand the logic behind your every answer. 

What Should be Your Answers in Different Circumstances?

However, the response to “Are you willing to relocate” can differ depending upon the circumstances. Therefore, today in this very article, we will cover the most suitable answers if you were asked, “Are you willing to relocate” during an interview. So, check out some of the effective tips to better prepare your interviews in different scenarios.

Scenario #1: If You’re Willing for a Relocation

Well, if you have already assessed your present situation and having no difficulties relocating yourself, you can say a “Yes” to the response to their question. However, this is true that as a young candidate, you can get a lot of opportunities if you are ready to relocate anywhere for working purposes. Even the interviewer will have no doubt in their minds if your answer is a “Yes” to their question. A positive willingness from your side for a relocation can definitely form a favorable situation for you in the interview room. 

The Most Suitable Response for Saying “Yes”

If you’re willing to relocate, the most suitable answer would be: “I aim to grow with the organization and I strongly believe that the organization will help me in achieving the goal. Therefore, I am ready to relocate anywhere if the organization allow me to do so”.

Scenario #2: Can You Say “Maybe” If You Aren’t Sure?

Well, there is no denying that relocating for a job is one of the most crucial decisions for any job seeker. There are a lot of valid questions that can come to your mind when the questions of a relocation arise. You may be worried about your family. You may be worried about the growth of the position you have been offered by the organization and so on. Therefore, when taking an instant decision is not possible for you in any manner, you can say “Maybe.” Saying “Maybe” is not at all a negative answer.

The Most Suitable Response for Saying “Maybe”

While saying “Maybe” as the response to your willingness to relocate yourself, it is important the way you answer the question. However, your answer should be: “I am very much eager to join this organization and expecting a high growth as well. If I would be given option for a relocation under any circumstances at your new job, I would consider thinking over it for sure”.

Scenario #3: How to Say “No” for a Relocation?

Often, relocation can’t be possible due to some unavoidable circumstances, and you may have no option instead to say “No” as a response to the interviewers. So, will you miss the chance of getting selected if you say “no” for the relocation? Yes, you can miss the chance of getting selected if the relocation is one of the mandatory conditions of the job. Otherwise, you can still have a good chance if your answer is satisfying enough to the interviewers. Therefore, taking utmost care is important while saying “no” to a relocation. 

However, your answer should be like this; “Although, moving to a new destination is not possible for me for some unavoidable circumstances. Still, I would really love to work with this organization and want to be a part of the organization’s growth”. This could be the best response if relocation is not possible for you. It would be best if you kept in mind that nothing is better than being honest. Therefore, if you are strict with your honesty during the interview process, you can get adequate benefits for sure.


So, hopefully, you have got some essential information in this article for facing the job interviews. As already mentioned, the way of your response is more important rather than your answers. Your response can be a “Yes” or even a “No” for the relocation, but what matters is your positive approaches during the whole process. Therefore, keeping these tips in mind will help you in facing the interview for sure. 


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