The Best Excursions in Mallorca

Spain’s Balearic Islands are well-known all over the world for their aesthetic beauty. Mallorca is the heart of these islands, and it has a great and long history. It is the ideal place to enjoy your different sorts of holidays all over the year. Different companies offer excursions and tours in Mallorca. If you are searching for such a company that offers excursions in Mallorca, then without any vagueness, go for Click-Mallorca.com. It is the leading platform in the island for excursions and tours. Here you can find more than 100 choices of the best excursions in Mallorca at reasonable prices.

We have selected a few activities, and these are some of the best excursions in Mallorca you can do while on holiday:

Boat Trips in Mallorca

Boat Trips in Mallorca

The ideal option for your summer holidays is a boat trip around the coastline of Mallorca, which is almost 500 kilometres long. By availing this offer, you will enjoy a trip of white sandy beaches, lovely islets, crystal clear water bays and fascinating landscapes. The best excursions from boat and catamaran trips include Sunrise and Dolphin-Watching Catamaran in Mallorca, Cala Tuent by Boat, Alcudia Boat Trip with Snorkel, Boat Trip Port de Soller to Calobra, Catamaran Trip from Alcudia and many more.

The Best Tour in Mallorca

Excursion to La Calobra and Soller is considered the best trip in Mallorca. On this trip, you can enjoy the journey on the famous wooden train of the island’s built-in 1912. This best of Mallorca excursion consists of the return coach, Sóller train journey,  Soller tram trip, a boat journey between Port Sóller and La Calobra, and travel insurance guided by an official authorized guide of Mallorca.

The trip offers a great combination of different transports (train, bus, tram and boat) together with some of the best views of the island. Just make sure to book ahead and it gets fully booked easily.

Helicopter Tour in Mallorca

A helicopter tour in Mallorca seems to be fascinating and costly. In this tour, helicopters fly over Soller, Valldemosa and Tramuntana Mountains. There are special offers of helicopter tours in Mallorca, like 30 minutes flight costs 240€ per person and 375€ for a couple. The pilot will provide information to the passengers about the areas passing. This excursion has limited places so hurry up. Only the incredible photos are worth the price of the tour you will take during the flight!

Dolphin Watching in Mallorca

The most suitable time to avail this opportunity to see dolphins in the Bay of Alcudia is from May to October. During this tour, when you find the dolphins, you can take photos or videos of these majestic creatures by staying there. On the return trip of this memorable journey, you can enjoy breakfast in the boat with toast, pastries, cheese, ham, butter, tea, coffee, juice and marmalade.

Despite the trip is also offered from other resort, we encourage to book the departure from Port Alcudia or Port de Pollensa, as they combine the dolphin watching with the sunrise which is quite memorable and not to be missed.

Caves of Drach

Caves of Drach

If you are visiting Mallorca, a tour of the magnificent Caves of Drach is a must. Utilize your valuable time on Mallorca Island wisely, and this half-day tour is best in this context. Imagine rowing a boat on the spectacular Lake Martel-largest and most fascinating underground lake and with elegant Caves of Drach. Also, enjoy music concerts during the tour.

On the visit to the Caves of Drach, you will follow an itinerary inside the caverns and you will have the opportunity to see the best rooms. At the end of the itinerary, there is a music concert and a boat trip in Martel lake. This lake is considered one of the biggest underground lakes in Europe, and the highlight of the tour.

These are just some suggestions about excursions and things to do in Mallorca. You will find many more choices, and we are sure you will have a great time while visiting the island. Happy holidays!


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