The Best Music and Video Compressor Apps for Android

It is necessary to compress music and video files when keeping them on mobile devices. Regardless of the reasons for saving the files, reducing their size is handy for many purposes. Nevertheless, it is pivotal to maintain the overall quality of the files when compressing the sizes. When the focus is only the size, they will not be as good as the original files. So, it is necessary to find the best available apps to do this particular thing appropriately.

The Best Apps to Consider for Android Users

Videos and Movies Compressor is one of the most well-known apps for Android for this matter. The disadvantage of this music and video compressor app is no option to handle multiple files at once. It means users need to compress the files one by one. Meanwhile, there are benefits to expect when using this app. One of them is that it supports most of the popular formats of the files. The interface is easy to use. It allows sharing immediately after compression.

Video Compress by Mel studio is a top-notch app to consider for this particular purpose. The disadvantage of this app is that it is rather tricky to delete files from the app. So, it is best to have a standalone file manager app to use alongside it. Meanwhile, the user interface and navigation are seamless. The tools to manage the files are top-notch. It includes rotating, compressing, and converting. All in all, it is a handy app to have when managing videos and music files on any Android device.

Another choice of music and video compressor app for Android is Video Dieter. It comes with disadvantages when renaming the files. More importantly, the option to place the files after compression is also limited. The best thing about this app is that users can set the quality and resolution before the process. Furthermore, it is also possible to trim some parts of the videos and music files. Lastly, transcoding files using this app are easy to do.

Of course, there are other apps to consider for doing this particular matter. Resize Video, Video Compressor by Sunshine, and VidCompact are the best options. It is always best to try the app to find the best one to use accordingly.

Why Compressing Videos?

There are numerous reasons that people compress music and video files. One of the most popular reasons is to cut the need for storage space. Storing too large files can use up the disk drive too much. It is not a beneficial thing when the storage is limited. Therefore, it is best to reduce the size without losing any quality. It highlights the importance of using the best app. Many apps for this purpose come with the risk of losing significant elements in the compression process. It is not a good thing at all.

More importantly, the compression of files is necessary to fit into some occasions. For example, some files are too large to put into an email as an attachment. Therefore, compressing the files is necessary for that matter. Some others prefer smaller sizes because they match the overall specifications of the devices. It is useless to play Full HD videos on an HD resolution display. Therefore, it is best to convert the files to meet the display specifications of the mobile devices.

The Verdict

Compressing and even converting files on Android devices is easy today. There are beneficial apps to do this thing seamlessly. Many of them are available to download and use for free. More importantly, they offer a small risk of losing the quality of the music and video files during the compression.


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